Attack on Titan – Book Review

beast titan

Miche Zacharius meets the Beast Titan, who he believes is an Abnormal Titan. The Beast Titan takes Miche’s horse and refuses to let her escape. He orders the other Titans not to eat her, and asks questions about Miche’s gear and weaponry. Miche is amazed at the Beast Titan’s intelligence and ability to talk.


The plot of Beast Titan follows the story of three people with different personalities and motivations. Two of them are from Trost, a town on the edge of the Eldian continent. One of them, a young girl named Louise, is the daughter of a Garrison officer. They are trapped in the town when the Titans begin to attack. Another person is the merchant Dimo Reeves, who was blocking the Wall Rose gate with a wagon that contained his merchandise. When the Titans arrive, Louise’s mother reassures her daughter that her father will kill them all. In the end, the young girl’s father takes her to the Wall Rose, where he fights the Titans that attack the town. Her mother assures her daughter that her father will kill the Titans, but the moment they see her father kill an Abnormal Titan, Mikas

The Beast Titan has several abilities that make him unique. One of them is the ability to throw objects with incredible accuracy. These throws can cause catastrophic consequences for the enemy. This ability is also used by Zeke Jaeger during the conflict in Shiganshina District. This power also allowed him to eliminate an armad of the Mid-East Allied Forces.


Zeke has special abilities that make him stand out among his fellow Eldians. One of his powers is the ability to turn other Eldians into titans. This power can be acquired by screaming at them. Zeke used this power on the citizens of Ragako. His father was killed by his friends after he used this power on them. The other titan he turned was his mother, who remained on the top of her house for years. Zeke has also used this power to turn Levi against the soldiers and Marley when the Eldians invaded Paradis.

Another form of beast titan is the “Pure Titan.” This Titan is only two to fifteen meters high and is reminiscent of human beings. Its pain tolerance varies between different Titans, but it is generally high. Since these Titans are very dangerous, they have been used as weapons of war ever since they were created. One way to kill one of these Titans is to slash the Titan’s nape with two swords.


A Beast Titan has special abilities, mainly the ability to take an animal form. Depending on the user, this ability can be useful or destructive. For example, Zeke Yaegar’s Beast Titan form is that of a giant monkey. While in this form, he can move at night and harden his skin, which allows him to use this power to turn people into Titans. This power is similar to the Founding Titan’s ability.

Zeke Yeager, Eren Yeager‘s half-brother and the inheritor of the Beast Titan powers, was the main antagonist in the series. He was born to Grisha Yeager and Diana Fritz, and is of Royal Blood on his mother’s side. His parents had intended to use Zeke as a spy in Marley’s Warrior Unit Program, which aimed to take children from the Eldian race and give them the powers of the Founding Titan.

Isayama’s plan for the beast titan

Attack on Titan has begun its final arc, and mangaka Hajime Isayama has big plans for how the series will end. In a tweet, the mangaka revealed what he hopes to accomplish by the end of the year. The plot revolves around a mysterious plot that involves the Eldian royal family and 2,000 years of violence and ghettoization.

The manga series has been running for years, and its author has a plan that few people saw coming. Attack on Titan’s ending is a case in point, as the plot of the manga was preplanned from the beginning, and Isayama sensei stuck to it.

Misconceptions about the beast titan

The Beast Titan is one of the Nine Titans, each with unique abilities. He has the power to manipulate objects and throw them at enemies with incredible accuracy. The result is devastating damage to the enemy. Zeke Jaeger uses this ability during the conflict in Shiganshina District, where he clashes with large numbers of Survey Corps soldiers. This ability also plays an important role during the Battle of Fort Slava, where the Beast Titan destroys an entire Mid-East Allied Forces armad.

Initially, the Beast Titan was under the control of Eldia. However, he later sided with King Fritz. He was initially under Eldia’s control, but he later switched sides with Ymir, who was loyal to the King Fritz. The seven other Titans were taken by Marley.