Frozen 3 Will Be Announced on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

frozen 3

On Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna and Elsa from Frozen, announced the sequel. Bell was on the show to promote her new book, which is about purple schools, but was asked if she was working on a sequel. Bell said yes, but with zero authority. She also said that Disney would likely save the announcement for D23 or Disney+ Day. If so, then we can safely assume that Frozen 3 is coming soon.

Idina Menzel

Disney has yet to confirm whether the film will have a third installment, but Idina Menzel is still hopeful that she will return to voice Elsa. The actress recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about the upcoming film. While Fallon gushed about the second film, he said he’d “love” to see Menzel reprise her role as Elsa. Menzel also revealed that the upcoming film would help her earn more money for her son’s education.

Idina Menzel recently revealed that she is still a little awkward around the Elsa character in Disney Parks. Having voiced the headstrong character in the first two films, Menzel admitted that she was a bit uncomfortable being around the character. Now that Frozen 3 is on the way, she is hoping that the fans will have the same kind of experience.

Kristen Bell

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Kristen Bell was asked about the possibility of a third “Frozen” movie. When asked about it, Bell joked that it would be fun to have another Anna movie. Interestingly, Bell revealed that co-star Idina Menzel is also interested in doing another film. Regardless, the first two films were huge hits, and it is very likely that we will see a third Anna film.

While many are worried that the sequel will never happen, Bell knows that it’s important to keep the franchise alive. With “Frozen” being a hit on the box office, Kristen Bell is also promoting a new children’s book with Benjamin Hart. The book is titled “The World Needs More Purple Schools.” The sequel to “Frozen” will hit theaters on November 23, 2020.

Josh Gad

Josh Gad has a rich and diverse career. He previously starred in the hit comedy “The Internship” and starred as Steve Wozniak in “Jobs”. Josh Gad is currently starring in the romantic comedy “Wish I Was Here” as the lead character’s brother. He is also a voice actor, having voiced the character of Olaf in the animated film “Frozen.”

Josh Gad has previously said that he has no plans to return to the role of Olaf in the upcoming sequel to Frozen. He also turned down the idea of a spin-off starring his character, Olaf. However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping Disney from making another film featuring the lovable snowman, as it’s a franchise that’s still very popular and is making a lot of money.

Sterling K. Brown

The voice of Lieutenant Destin Mattias in Disney’s “Frozen” movie is Sterling K. Brown, who has a long and varied career. He has starred in films such as “The Predator,” “Frozen II,” and “Black Panther.” He also has a number of television credits, including appearances on ER, NYPD Blue, JAG, and Boston Legal.

In 2013, Disney released the first Frozen movie, which is now the highest grossing animated movie ever. Only the Lion King remake surpassed Frozen in 2019 and the movie expanded its casting to include more people of color. The movie is centered on a love story between sisters, which makes it a distinctly universal tale. As a fan of Disney films, Sterling K. Brown loves that the stories focus on the bond between sisters.

After leaving “This Is Us,” Sterling K. Brown has continued to expand his career by appearing on shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Frozen 2. He also recently voiced Lieutenant Destin Mattias in Frozen 2 and starred in the drama “Waves.” In addition to being an actor, Brown has also been making waves in the film industry. Waves, directed by Trey Edward Shults, premiered in August at the Telluride Film Festival and opens in theaters on Nov. 15th.

Santino Fontana

Santino Fontana is a popular actor who has acted in films such as Frozen, Off the Menu, and Galileo. He was born on March 21, 1982, in Stockton, California. In the movie ‘Frozen’, Fontana plays the role of Tootsie. In the film, Fontana is joined by other famous faces such as Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton, and Cid Hindy. He was also a part of the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ film. Currently, Fontana is married to Jessica Hershberg, whom he married on 5 September 2015.

Santino Fontana is an American actor who has starred in several movies and stage plays, including “Frozen” and “Sisters.” Fontana also has experience as a composer and director. His stage career includes roles in Broadway musicals, Broadway plays, and web series. He has also been considered for the lead role in Shrek the Musical.