Gildart Jackson

gildart jackson

Gildart Jackson is an actor, narrator, writer, and voice artist from the UK. He is best known for playing the role of Gideon in the hit television series Charmed and as Giles, the butler on the reality series Whodunnit? In 2013, Jackson won the prestigious Saturnalia award for best actor in a reality TV series. Jackson was born on July 13th.

Gideon on Charmed

Actor Gildart Jackson is best known for his role as Gideon on the hit television series Charmed. The actor has also appeared on other television shows including Providence and General Hospital. He is married to actress Melora Hardin and has two children. His daughter Piper Halliwell is also an actress.

The British actor has a variety of roles, including narrating audiobooks. Gildart’s character on Charmed, Elder Gideon, was notorious for double-crossing Charmed Ones. The actor is also an accomplished writer and has narrated over 300 audiobooks.

Gideon in Hamlet

Gildart Jackson has a varied background as an actor. He has acted in both stage and screen, notably as Giles in the hit TV series “Whodunnit” and as Gideon in Hamlet. He has also narrated over seventy audiobooks. He is married to actress Melora Hardin and has two children.

In this role, Jackson plays the manipulative elder Gideon. The actor is also known for his role as Charmed’s Elder Gideon. Children are expected to master the three R’s, but a magical child must master the three R’s as well as casting spells, mixing potions, and levitation.

Jackson has a diversified ensemble in the Bay Area, which helps to keep the show fresh. He plays up the drama of playing Hamlet, while sidestepping it at times. The play is a powerful study of human relationships, but it falters in public scenes. The play needs to be revised to address the problems it has in stage combat.

Voice actor

Gildart Jackson is a British voice actor, writer, and narrator. He is best known for his role as Gideon in the TV show Charmed. He also has appeared in several other television series and movies, including General Hospital, CSI, Las Vegas, and Providence. He has also done theater work. As an actor, he has voiced over 300 audiobooks, including the Alex Verus series of novels.

Jackson has worked with many animated series and video games, including Gotham Knights and Castlevania. He has also voiced multiple characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He also lent his voice to the Star Wars: The Old Republic franchise, including the animated television series Castlevania. In Gotham Knights, he voiced the character of Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara. He has also lent his voice to animated TV shows including Barbie Malibu Roberts and Monster High.

Audiobook narrator

Gildart Jackson is an actor, writer, and audiobook narrator from England. He is best known for playing the role of Gideon in the hit television series Charmed, and also appeared as the butler Giles in the 2013 reality television series Whodunnit? Jackson is currently working on a new audiobook series called “The Book of Mormon.”

Gildart Jackson is a talented writer and has narrated more than 300 audiobooks. He has also won numerous awards. He also offers free daily Fireside Readings of classic books. The Jackson family collaborates on these free readings, including his wife Melora, son Rory, and daughter Piper.