Google Pixel Slate M3 Review

google pixel slate m3

We’ve covered the features, pricing, Apps, and problems of the Google Pixel Slate m3 in this review. But before we get into the positives and negatives, let’s look at the specifications of this tablet. Firstly, the Pixel Slate m3 features a 12.3-inch Molecular Display. The screen has a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels. And it offers up to 6 million colors.

Review of the Google Pixel Slate m3

Google’s Pixel Slate is a hybrid tablet-computer that works great as both a tablet and a desktop. Its large screen size is very comfortable to use and provides rich, vibrant colors. Its speakers produce a great sound quality, with clear bass response. Its keyboard is easy to use and has good travel and backlit keys. Unfortunately, the Slate doesn’t come with expandable storage.

The Pixel Slate is quite expensive, especially when you include the keyboard and stylus. But it is a better option than the iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface for those who use Android and Chrome instead of Windows. The only downside is that it still has some first-generation bugs. Once these are fixed, though, it will be a great 2-in-1.

Its performance is a bit slow compared to desktop modes. The processor is a Core m3, which is a weak processor. It also supports only 64GB of storage. While this is sufficient for a tablet, it’s not ideal for primary use.

Price of the Pixel Slate m3

Google has cut the price of its Pixel Slate tablet by $200. The Core m3 version, which comes with an 8-core processor, is now $599, down from $799. The Intel Celeron version, on the other hand, still costs $799. The Celeron model has four GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, while the Core m3 model has 8-core processing and 64GB of storage.

The Pixel Slate is a lightweight slate that runs lightweight ChromeOS software. It is designed to be easy to use, but its screen is prone to scratches and fingerprints. If you’re not careful, your Pixel Slate will quickly turn into an unsightly mess. The Pixel Slate has two cameras – one for the front and one for the rear. Both can record video in 1080p at 30 frames per second.

While the new processor and software of the Pixel Slate m3 are a welcome upgrade, the tablet remains limited to less-demanding workflows. While it can handle several tabs and android apps without fuss, it can sometimes drop frames. Moreover, Google Play apps may take longer to feel as native tablet apps as they do on the Pixel Slate m3.

Apps available on the Pixel Slate m3

The Google Pixel Slate is a lightweight, thin tablet with rounded corners and two USB Type-C ports. Although it lacks a headphone jack, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a headphone jack adapter. The tablet is also compatible with external storage via the USB-C port. It also features a pill-shaped power button, which doubles as an accurate fingerprint sensor. The device’s design is very attractive, but it’s a bit heavier than a typical iPad.

The display is large, at 12.3 inches, and is very comfortable for reading and watching videos. The screen is vivid and colorful, with decent black levels and good contrast. The display has AMOLED technology, and a low pixel density, which makes it ideal for viewing videos. However, it does not have expandable storage, and it isn’t as fast as other tablets.

While it runs Android apps, the interface on the Slate is much slower than on other tablets. Some apps don’t auto-resize when running in tablet mode. For example, you can’t read full text in some apps, such as Gmail. But you might get used to it in time.

Problems with the Pixel Slate m3

While the software experience on the Pixel Slate is easy to use, the keyboard case is not. It makes the device unusable on non-flat surfaces, and it’s too thick to fit on most airplane trays. Another problem is that the kickstand is made of fabric, which makes it difficult to balance on a surface. While the overall experience of using Chrome OS is great, the Slate still falls short of a great laptop experience.

The keyboard isn’t very responsive. It doesn’t feel as responsive as the keyboard on an iPad Pro or a regular laptop, which can be annoying in some situations. And the device doesn’t feel stable on your lap, which makes it a poor choice for working on the go. In addition, the long keyboard feels like it could tip off your lap at any moment. The bottom of the Pixel Slate is littered with icons for open apps. The home button is also on the bottom, and there are menus for the pen and settings.

Despite its flaws, the Pixel Slate m3 is a great tablet. While the screen is extremely bright, it is also prone to reflections from the glass. It doesn’t have a fingerprint-proof coating, and it is easy to scratch.