Google’s Pixel Slate – A Tablet That Can Double As a Laptop

gle pixel slate m3

Before you buy a tablet computer, you should consider what you will use it for. Tablets can be used for a variety of purposes, from surfing the web to watching movies and television shows. Decide what you want the tablet for, and then make sure to choose the model that has the features that are essential to you. You will need to learn how to navigate the menus and use features such as the camera. Once you have learned how to use the device, you should be able to use it easily.


If you’re looking for a tablet to replace your laptop, the Pixel Slate may be the right choice. At less than $1,000, the tablet is ideal for a number of tasks. However, you’ll still need a keyboard and stylus. These accessories can add about $200 to the total price of the tablet.

The Google Pixel Slate comes in three different price ranges, based on the processor you choose. The base model starts at $599 with an Intel Celeron CPU and 4GB of RAM. You can upgrade to a model with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. The top-end model costs $899.

The 12.3-inch screen size is large for a tablet, but small for a subnotebook. Larger diagonals have more resolution, but smaller displays are cheaper and more portable. The tablet’s processor features an ultra-low-voltage Amber Lake or Koby Lake architecture, a dual-core CPU with 1.1-3.4 GHz, Hyper-Threading support, and an integrated graphics adapter.


The 12.3-inch display on the Google Pixel Slate is big enough for both tablet use and laptop work. The screen has a high contrast ratio and good black levels, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The Pixel Slate also has an excellent keyboard, which draws power from the tablet via a magnetic connector.

The Pixel Slate M3 has a 12.3-inch touchscreen display and is made of magnesium alloy. It also has four speakers, a microphone, and a headphone jack. The tablet weighs just 2.36 pounds. The device has a 13-megapixel camera and is powered by an Intel Core i5 7640X processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The screen is protected by a Titan C security chip.


Google’s Pixel Slate is a great option for those who want a tablet that can double as a laptop. It has a great battery life, and will last over 10 hours before it needs to be recharged. The tablet also supports up to 10 Chrome tabs, and is capable of running various apps. This means it can easily last throughout a heavy workday. It can also be charged via USB-C ports on the left and right sides of the tablet. Charging from a flat state takes about two and a half hours.

The Google Pixel Slate M3 is one of Google’s first official tablets. It has a 3000 x 2000 Molecular display and an Intel Core m3 processor. It also features 8GB of RAM and 64GB of SSD storage. While it isn’t as powerful as its predecessors, it is still a great tablet for everyday use. The tablet also comes with dual front-firing speakers. It is important to note, however, that it does not have a headphone jack.

Fingerprint reader

A recent update to the Google Pixel 6a improves the device’s under-display fingerprint sensor. The sensor has had a few issues since its release, with many fans complaining that it is too far down the display. But now, the new update fixes those issues and improves the overall performance. The update is available for all Pixel 6 users, including those on Verizon and international networks.

The fingerprint reader supports gestures such as double-tap, fast-tap, and swipe. It also supports checking notifications, scrolling through apps, and turning off the phone. It can store up to 5 fingerprints.


When it comes to performance, the Google Pixel Slate has a few advantages over other tablets. The device is fast, easily connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and keeps a good connection. It also has good cameras, with front and rear 8-megapixel sensors. These are great for selfies and video calls. The rear camera has a 1080p resolution. Its battery life is good as well.

In addition to its impressive display, the Google Pixel Slate M3 has a powerful processor. With dual front-firing speakers, this tablet delivers great audio. It also has a powerful multitasking interface and collaboration software. The device is also capable of running the full desktop experience.