Hexabot.io Will Revolutionize Your Chatbot

Chatbots have virtually changed digital customer service. Almost everywhere you navigate on the internet, a website or a company utilizes a chatbot to manage inbound and outbound customer correspondence.

Given this changing world of technology and the benefits, a chatbot can provide for a company, finding and implementing the right tool is vital for successful longevity.

This is where a platform such as Hexabot.io comes in. Utilizing the native digital landscape of Facebook and the social networking giant’s Messenger infrastructure, users of Hexabot.io can automate inbound correspondence via social media outlets.

With a fully integrated and an always evolving artificial intelligence behind the scenes, the Hexabot.io offers customers a truly customized customer engagement experience. For example, a user can opt to deploy a Hexabot.io customer service model for their Facebook engagement. This model, consequently, enlists Hexabot’s full capability.

Features for the Hexabot.io platform include customer support and engagement backed by an artificial intelligence 24 hours, seven days a week. Additionally, deploying a chatbot platform allows customer experience specialists and marketers better engage consumers, social followers, and a brand’s primary audience. The Hexabot.io web-based dashboard offers users a granular view of the overall engagement from the back-end.

Nevertheless, the tool serves as a method for Facebook Messenger users to access a brand’s products and services uniquely. Due to Hexabot’s flexible API and integrative nature, the tool can integrate with popular third-party platforms such as an e-commerce platform and customer relationship management (CRM) process.

The Hexabot.io chatbot also technically focused on mastering business to customer interactions. With little to know code or stack development required to deploy a Hexabot chatbot, this product allows users to offer a high-tech, customer-oriented experience everywhere. Even the most tech illiterate can understand how to work a Hexabot chatbot!

Through a powerful visual editor and customer journies development method, Hexabot can be programmed to take on nearly all interaction types while also exuding outfacing politeness and respect to customers. Plus, the chatbot you employ for your customer service needs will continuously learn about how to interact with your customers with the maximum utility because of the behind-the-scenes artificial intelligence.

“A specified set of rules binds chatbots,” Hexabot.io’s website communicates. “They always treat a client most politely and perfectly, no matter how rude the person is.”

Treating clients through engagement strategies that involve Hexabot chatbots abides by words and critical mission points like these for overall success.

Hexabot chatbots also have natural language processing capabilities so that engaging with audiences of all languages and regions is a universally engaging process and solution.

A company known as Hexastack developed Hexabot.io. This company provides a wide array of cloud-based marketing services for organizations of all types.

Hexastack, besides the Hexabot.io product offering, develops web strategies for clients centered around overall web development (e.g., website building and hosting), development operations for web properties, innovation, optimization, and client scalability. Also, security measures are taken into account as clients of Hexastack’s general services can enjoy the utility of committed technical support teams.