How to Get Started in Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting is a hobby that involves the study of postage stamps. There are many ways to get started, including joining a philatelic society, buying stamps from a stamp dealer, or even purchasing stamps from your local post office. There are also many opportunities to sell your collection and share your collection with others.

Joining a philatelic society

Joining a philatelic society is a great way to share your passion for stamp collecting. There are several advantages of being a member, and one of them is the opportunity to meet fellow philatelists and get access to the largest library of philatelic literature in the world. Members also have reduced fees for submitting stamps for appraisal by the Society’s Expert Committee. You will also receive ten issues of The London Philatelist each year, and you can also become a Fellow of the Society by having the letters FRPSL added to your name.

You can join the American Philatelic Society by filling out the membership application. The application deadline is July 31. The APS website contains links to download the application. The APS also organizes two special events each year: a holiday party and a summer picnic, and sponsors an annual stamp show in Reno, Nevada. Members can also take advantage of a free philatelic material table at each meeting.

Buying from a local post office

Buying stamps from your local post office is an excellent way to save money on postage. These stamps are used for sending physical mail, such as letters. If you’re interested in buying postage stamps, you can do so at your local post office or visit the USPS website. Many pharmacies and grocery stores also sell postage stamp booklets.

The post office is the most convenient place to buy postage stamps, but you can also buy them at other places. In addition to your local post office, you can also buy stamps at a number of retail locations, including Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, and Royal Mail Post Offices.

Getting stamps from a local post office

Postage stamps are an important part of mailing physical mail. They can be purchased at your local post office or from the US Postal Service website. Many retail locations also carry a variety of postage stamps, including grocery stores and pharmacies. These retail locations don’t offer full-service post offices, but will sell you a selection of postage stamps.

The USPS isn’t funded by the government and depends entirely on revenue to continue to operate. Since we have embraced technology and do not send nearly as much mail as we did in the past, USPS revenue is down. In fact, the number of letters mailed by Americans fell 8.4% last year, and it has decreased by nearly 50% in a decade.

Starting a stamp collection

Before starting a stamp collection, it’s important to consider what you are interested in collecting and how you’re going to preserve your collection. There are various options, including albums, stock books, envelopes, and boxes and file folders. There are also best practices for preserving stamp collections. Most collectors use albums to keep their collections organized. In an album, you can organize stamps by country and theme.

You can also pass along stamps to others by sending them letters. These letters often contain out of print stamps, and you can collect these, too. Another option is to purchase stamps at auctions or from garage sales. You can also buy them from stamp dealers, online specialty stores, and stamp shows. For more serious collectors, the hobby often leads to the purchase of rare and valuable stamps.