How to Make Your Own Jewelry

DIY Jewelry

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own jewelry, you’re not alone. There are many inexpensive, beginner-friendly ways to make your own pieces. These projects are simple, inexpensive, and can be a lot of fun. But you’ll want to choose the right materials, too. Here are a few tips.


There are many beginner-friendly DIY jewelry projects you can do to create pieces that are both beautiful and useful. One example of a good project for beginners is creating feather earrings. You can shape feathers with chain or leather and attach them to earring backings. You can then wear your earrings or give them as gifts. Another great beginner project is making earrings out of clay. Skillshare instructor Kiley Bennett walks you through the process step by step.

Before buying a beginner-friendly DIY jewelry kit, consider the price and shipping costs. You can always opt for free shipping, but you may find it cheaper to go with a different store. In addition, look for the reputation of the seller.


One way to sell your handmade jewelry is to create a webshop with a branded product. When it comes to photography and packaging, make sure that they match your company’s branding. This will make your DIY jewelry appear much more expensive. The next step is to make a webshop with a customized web design and branding.

Another great way to save money on supplies is to repurpose old jewelry. Many chain stores are clearing out inventory and send old pieces to the clearance section. If you have an old piece of jewelry that’s no longer being worn, disassembling it and using the parts for your DIY jewelry project is a great way to recycle it. For example, a necklace chain that’s been hanging around for a long time can be cut down into strands of beads and used to create a necklace pendant.


Whether you’re trying to add some sparkle to an outfit or create a statement piece, there are many ways to make DIY jewelry. You can use fabric threads and braid them into bracelets and necklaces. Or, you can try a more intricate technique to create unique jewelry. Here are a few ideas:

Make DIY bracelets: You can make a DIY bracelet from cutlery or an existing gold-colored chain. You’ll need basic jewelry supplies and a bit of patience. You can use strands of cutlery, nylon cord, or thread to make different geometric shapes. The main requirement for these bracelets is patience – you’ll need to cut them to equal lengths.

Create a cord bracelet: Start by braiding or tying a cord. You can use waxed linen cord or embroidery floss. Choose a color and design that fits your personality. You can also use a button or two to create a chevron pattern.


DIY jewelry making is a fun and affordable hobby for the whole family. You can use beads, findings, and other jewelry making materials to create beautiful and unique jewelry. Adding your personal touch is a great way to express your personality while wearing handmade jewelry. You can even use natural materials, like lava stones, to make your own necklaces and bracelets. Lava stones are extremely versatile and fashionable, and you can make them into beads that will capture essential oils. By wearing them, you can carry a little bit of your favorite scent around with you!

When it comes to DIY jewelry, it’s important to choose high-quality materials. It’s important to use good quality clasps, and you can add statement clasps to give your jewelry a more expensive look. You can also try layering your homemade pieces to give them a more expensive look. Choosing colors is very important. If you’re making jewelry for kids, you can choose bright colors. However, if you’re making jewelry for adults, you’ll want to choose muted colors.