Linguician uses music streaming for digital language learning

Linguician was created because we wanted to offer users an easy, funny and free platform to improve their language skills.

Every app we knew that was focused on language learning was monotonous and boring. Because of that, we decided to start with a new attractive project thinking about the user’s needs. We wanted to create a useful method that was perceived as a game.

We know that language learning can be a hard and challenge task. But with Linguician, we tried to make it easy. And the way we do it it’s through our content. It’s all about music. With music, we wanna make it an entertaining and rewarding experience.

Why learn with music? It is scientifically proven that language learning is favored when we include music on it. But learning languages with music is not just more fun. The most interesting advantage is that songs have the capacity to increase the memorization. This is the power of music: context and association. Integrating lyrics in the language acquisition process enables people to unlock the associative power of music for learning new vocabularies.

Linguician was founded by Robert Eiter and Alexander Rietzler. Robert is taking part of the commercial area and he has a background in business administration, and Alexander has a background in machine artificial intelligence and he’s taking part of the product development.

The Linguician business model is a freemium model, and we use the affiliate marketing for music streaming services. The language learning market is not an easy one, but we are different from all the other players. Compared to the other players, Linguician has a much more advanced and sophisticated product. And, compared to the traditional known language learning apps, such as Duolingo, Busuu or Babbel, we distinguished ourself for our content: there are music and lyrics.

Linguician has launched its beta in December of the last year and since then, we have added more than 5 thousand users, in a very short period of time. Our launch in Product Hunt has had a fantastic coverage in international media, such as Ahora Noticias in Chile or  La Voz in Argentina, and we got a lot of shares in social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Learn languages with songs is possible and Linguician enables users to explore foreign languages while they are listening to their favorite music. They can learn effortlessly and individually at their own pace.

The playlist of Linguician is a catalog that collects the songs of various artists that we have selected. The platform offers a great variety of songs. In our playlist, you can find the most popular artists of the moment: Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Shakira, Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias… And much more!

Today, we continue working on improve Linguician. Learning languages with music can be an enjoyable game, and we want to be discovered by users interested in language learning.

Learn languages with Linguician is easier, faster, more fun and 100% free. Our platform has an intuitive and pleasant design, and we are always focused on improving the user experience.

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