Maria De Los Angeles Felix Guerera

maria felix

In the 1940s and 1950s, Maria de los ngeles Felix Guerena starred in some of the most successful films of Latin American cinema. In addition to being an actress, Felix was also a singer. In fact, he became one of the most famous people in Latin American cinema.

Maria de los ngeles Felix Guerena

The late Mara de los ngeles Felix Guerera was a Mexican actress and singer. Her career was highly successful in Latin American cinema during the 1940s and 1950s. A renowned singer and actress, she has been regarded as one of the greatest Latin American figures of the era.

Her parents were of mixed Yaqui and Spanish descent. Their mother, Josefina Guerena Rosas, was of Basque origin. She had eleven siblings: two brothers, Pablo and Fernando, and two sisters, Maria de la Paz and Victoria Eugenia.

The success of Maria Felix made her a star in Mexico. She starred in nearly fifty films as a strong lead. Her role in the 1943 film Dona Barbara earned her the nickname “La Dona” (the Dona). The film was shot in Venezuela with Mexican and Venezuelan actors. This film was the first of several collaborations Felix had with Mexican director Fernando de Fuentes. In addition, she had three successful films under the direction of Emilio Fernandez.

Felix was married four times. The first marriage was with cosmetics salesman Enrique Alvarez Alatorre. They had one son, Enrique. Enrique refused to give her son back. However, Felix was able to retrieve him with the help of Agustin Lara.

She also worked with Rafael Gil. They had a cordial relationship and worked together on several movies. They also collaborated on Enamorada and Rio Escondido. In 1951, Maria Felix made her first Ariel Award for her first film with him. However, her film career was just beginning.