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  1. #FYXERS Highlights
Creating a successful website is no easy feat. From staying in the know about industry trends to producing meaningful content, it takes a lot of work. Unlike the recent past, businesses can’t grow and thrive without a website. An online presence reaches to potential audiences across the globe and consumers prefer the ease of accessing […]
  1. #FYXtips
Something that’s immediately apparent for new tech startups is that teamwork makes dreamwork. Having a team capable of working together and leveraging each other’s strengths is integral to a startup’s success or failure. Diversity is a Must Diversity has become a buzzword recently. Business are vying to incorporate different groups of people in the workforce. […]
  1. General
Security Cameras are a popular option for modern home and business owners. They provide an accurate account of who visits a property. They may also deter criminal behavior. From monitoring guests to preventing criminal activity, many consider security cameras invaluable. For homeowners, an indoor security camera may be especially useful. Homeowners can monitor for break-ins, […]
  1. General
The online space presents a unique opportunity for publishers. In most cases, it’s a free realm to express ideas, advertise a product or share information. In addition to publishing content for free or cheap, digital publishers can cash in through a number of methods. The most well-known method is advertising. Since the digital realm is […]
  1. #FYXERS Highlights
The startup scene is heating up in a place many readers may have given the cold shoulder, Poland. Poland’s hospitable environment for startups has been established by large industry leaders creating initiatives for young talent to thrive with growing numbers of educated young people graduating each year, especially in engineering. Accordingly, Poland’s startups have taken […]


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