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  1. #FYXERS Highlights
Bleximo aims to be the inventor of special – purpose quantum computation systems. Essentially, they want to build quantum accelerators for computers. This technology would utilize superconducting qubits and quantum application – specific integrated technology. This cutting-edge company is headquartered in Berkeley, California. They are involved with Cyclotron Road, which is an elite program for […]
  1. #FYXERS Highlights
The Thorny Devil drinks with its skin. The Gila Monster stores fat for survival. The Dorcas Gazelle doesn’t have to drink or urinate. Antarctic fish have antifreeze proteins in their blood. What do all of these diverse animals have in common? They adapted to their extreme environment in order to survive. Now, what do these […]
  1. #FYXERS Highlights
In today’s technology age, information is probably one of the most valuable commodities. If you have the correct information, one can do serious damage to other people or devices. You could assume someone’s identity, or even access confidential files. Needless to say, protecting this kind of information is one the top priorities for companies and […]
  1. #FYXERS Highlights
Public transportation. Carpooling. Uber. If anything of these words had you rolling your eyes, then you know the feeling of unreliable or expensive modes of transportation. What if I told you there was a solution to the prevalent problem of sustainable, cheap transportation? Maybe you, believe me, maybe you just rolled your eyes again. However, […]


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