Simple solution to a usual problem

Some of the best things in life are simple. The wisest people can find great comfort in advice that even children can understand. Sometimes there’s a great need for something that nobody ever thinks about and they just accept it. Then, someone comes along and says “hey, you could actually live without this burden” and you’re suddenly enlightened.

This very thing happened to me while I was researching this app. The app Ever takes all your digital photos and puts them in the cloud. See, that sounds extraordinarily simple, but I just now realize the need for this. There have been so many times that my phone has sent me a warning message about my storage almost being full.

Every single time it happens I always check my photos and, sure enough, I have hundreds of photos that I can get rid of. Also, I think some of those photos might be something I might want to look back at later, but I’m not too sure. So, I end up deleting photos that might make me happy to look back on. It would be great if all my photos were moved to a different location. That way I can have plenty of storage space on my phone and still look back at all of my photos. Again, it sounds pretty simple but it’s incredibly useful.

This problem has persisted for people for as long as photography has existed if you think about it. Every year my parent will pull out these sort of heavy, decorative boxes that contain thousands of photos from back when disposable cameras were really possible. Not only are they a pain to store because you need to find a place to store them without losing them or ruining their quality, and when you look through them there’s just so many that it can become quite a task.

My family didn’t go on many vacations or extravagant tris when I was younger so I can’t even imagine how many photos that a family who goes on incredible vacations every year have. The same applies to the photos on my smartphone. I’m not exactly the most social person, but I still have hundreds of photos on my phone. So, if this is a problem for me, it must certainly be a problem for people who are very social.

It seems to me that the future lies in technology solving problems we didn’t even know we had. Every generation that is considered “old” always consider the generations that are considered “young” to be far more privileged than they ever were.

This isn’t only because the natural progression of human society had sought to get rid of average day-to-day problems, it’s also due to the fact technology has made our general quality of life better. When it comes to technology privilege isn’t a bad thing. It indicates that we have come far enough as a species to reach a certain quality of comfort that is unnecessary but still pleasing.

So when an app like Ever comes out it shows that things can still get better for people even though the problem may not be obvious. Clearly, the app has some momentum considering it’s funding of $13 million. I made such a fuss about it backing up all photos on my camera roll earlier, but it does even more than that. It even takes photos from your social media accounts and backs them up to the cloud as well.

Also, an indirect perk of this app is that it allows you to add more apps to your mobile devices. In a world where apps are becoming more commonplace in everyday life, some devices just can’t hold as many as we want to. I know that I even have to look back through my phone from time to time just to see if there are any apps I hardly use to make more space for storage. But now, since I can have all my photos backed up to the cloud, some of those “guilty pleasure” apps can stay for a bit longer. Hopefully, more people will download this app so they don’t have to deal with the tedious work of deleting countless of photos just to make some extra storage on their mobile devices.

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