The Arthur Meme Is a Cultural Phenomenon

arthur meme

The Arthur Meme Facebook page was started late last year by two college students, Jacob Spiwak and Anthony Hanahan. The page has doubled in likes in less than a month. Though the page was aimed at college students, it has attracted many fans of the show. Jacob and Anthony both know the show and were inspired to create the page.

Arthur’s clenched fist became a meme

The clenched fist of Arthur became a meme in late 2012. In late 2012, two college-age students started a Facebook group called Arthur Memes, and over the past month, the page’s likes have doubled. The founders say that they chose Arthur as a topic because they are familiar with the show.

The clenched fist became wildly popular on the internet after an episode of Arthur was released. The episode was extremely dark, and the image of Arthur punching his sister prompted a huge meme-making trend. This image of Arthur’s clenched fist went viral on Twitter, and the original poster, AlmostJT, tweeted it on July 27. Since then, Arthur’s fist has become a symbol for the feeling of frustration and anger. In addition to being a symbol of anger and frustration, Arthur’s fist has also been used to describe other situations of everyday life.

It can mean almost anything

The Arthur meme has become popular over the internet, using screenshots from the popular children’s show. A screenshot of Arthur’s clenched fist can mean almost anything, depending on the caption and image. The show’s characters often portray dark emotions and situations, and the Arthur meme has become a popular way to express them. The Arthur character is incredibly relatable; no matter what your life is like, you can find an Arthur meme that expresses your feelings.

One of the most famous scenes from Arthur is the infamous “Arthur Punches D.W.” clip in which the title character accidentally punches his sister D.W. The image became a viral sensation, and was the subject of many parodies, remixes, and YouTube Poop videos.

It can be a celebration meme

A celebration meme is a cute image with an inspiring message. These images are a fun way to celebrate a special occasion. These images can also be inspirational and can help you feel good about yourself. These celebration memes are not limited to birthdays, and they are a great way to express your emotions. For instance, a celebration meme with a delivery driver is adorable.

Memes are a great way to celebrate the 4th of July. You can find one that features quotes and jokes about the Declaration of Independence, or you can find one that celebrates the beauty of summer. You can even use these memes to find an Instagram caption for the day.

It can be a sexual meme

The popular children’s cartoon Arthur has created a new rash of internet memes that aren’t always family friendly. Many of these memes suggest sexual situations between the characters, insert offensive language, and even make references to drugs. This phenomenon has led WGBH, the network that produces the show, to establish a team to deal with inappropriate memes.

The WGBH is “disappointed” with the proliferation of sexual memes using Arthur. Despite their statement, the number of people who have shared such memes has continued to rise. People with too much time on their hands continue to post and share these images.

It’s a cultural phenomenon

The Arthur meme is a cultural phenomenon, with a wide array of origins. In late 2012, two college-aged students started a Facebook page dedicated to Arthur memes. Within a month, the page had doubled its likes. The two decided to create the page because they knew the show so well.

The original series was a cartoon that featured animals and characters from marginalized communities. The cartoon quickly went viral and made an impact on audiences. The show’s underlying themes addressed human struggles and was a cultural phenomenon.

It’s LeBron James’ fault

The Arthur meme is making the rounds on social media once again. This time, LeBron James posted it on Instagram with the caption: “Mood…”. Many people were upset by the post, but James didn’t explain the meme’s meaning or why he posted it. However, he later clarified why he had posted it in the first place. Read on to learn the truth about why LeBron James posted the Arthur meme on his Instagram page.

The whole controversy started after LeBron James posted an Arthur-related meme on his Instagram account. The image, which featured the former Celtics guard wearing three championship rings on his fingers, is a parody of the famous cartoon character. However, James never explained the post, so people began teasing him.