The Everything Is Fine Meme

everything is fine meme

The everything is fine meme is a great way to make new friends. During a bad day, this three-word phrase can help you to focus on the positive side of the situation. It’s also an excellent way to start a conversation with a new acquaintance. Many people find that sharing these memes with others creates a new bond.

Three-word phrase is shorthand for when a situation becomes so terrible

The “Everything is fine” meme has become a popular shorthand for a variety of topics. It’s often used in conjunction with troubling news and the unaltered version of the phrase is the most popular. The meme is nearly two years old and still growing in popularity. It was created by Chris Plante.

Republican National Committee tweeted the meme during the 2016 presidential campaign

The “Everything is fine” meme started during the presidential campaign, when the Republican National Committee tweeted the phrase. The meme was used to make Donald Trump seem like a strong and powerful candidate. It was meant to encourage voters to believe in his campaign’s rhetoric and policies, as well as his rhetorical strategies. However, the Republican Party’s establishment still believes that it is in control. It is clear, however, that the Republican base is increasingly embracing Donald Trump’s far-right views, and is demanding more Republican party support.

KC Green’s Gunshow comic is based on the meme

“This is fine, everything is fine.” is a popular meme, but it can also have a serious side, as the comic’s protagonist is a man suffering from depression. The comic was created by KC Green, a writer and illustrator based in Massachusetts. Green first created the comic in 2012, after moving to the state from Oklahoma. At the time, he was feeling overwhelmed and started taking anti-depressants. The comic quickly became popular on Internet forums and became a staple of the Adult Swim ID channel identification interstitial.

The meme gained steam in the summer of 2016, when the Republican National Committee tweeted the comic “This Is Fine, Everything is Fine.” The comic, which featured a dog blissfully unaware of the world burning around him, quickly went viral and became politically charged. Green, meanwhile, responded to the Republican Party’s use of his comic by drawing an elephant that he called “This is not fine.” Green has since had several of his comics become memes, and has given up trying to police them.

The comic’s concept is quite simple, and has become a popular meme for many people. The comic was originally an interstitial for Adult Swim’s web series Gunshow. The comic’s unofficial mascot was Question Hound, a cartoon dog Green had drawn as a child. Green also used the question hound as a stand-in for himself when he was younger.