Types of Airbrushes


An airbrush is an air-operated tool that sprays various media, including paint. Paint is the most common type of media used, but other options include dye, foundation, and ink. The airbrush technique was the precursor to spray painting, which has evolved from this art form. Read on to learn about airbrushes and the different types available.


Airbrushes use the Venturi Effect and Bernoulli’s Principle to atomize material that is sprayed into an airstream. They have two main categories based on the way materials are introduced into the airstream, either through a separate air cap or an internal nozzle. In a conventional airbrush, the paint leaves the nozzle in a round cone that intersects at 90 degrees. This makes a round spray pattern possible.

Airbrushes can be used to apply multiple types of paint, as well as makeup. However, it is important to clean the equipment properly after each application to avoid cross-contamination. In addition, make sure to check the air pressure before using the airbrush. If you have allergies, it is advisable to use separate airbrushes for the different types of paint. Also, remember that higher pressures may result in overspray on the color coats, so it is important to set the air pressure appropriately.

The next thing to consider when choosing an airbrush is the amount of paint it can hold. A bottom-feed airbrush will typically have a larger capacity than a side-feed model. However, it will also have a limited number of cups. If you are only using a small amount of paint, you should consider a side-feed airbrush.

Gravity feed airbrushes

Gravity feed airbrushes are ideal for detail work because they work at low air pressures, creating finer detail. They are also ideal for use with smaller paint quantities and are suitable for novices and students alike. These airbrushes are also easy to use and clean, which makes them an ideal choice for a variety of painting applications.

Unlike traditional airbrushes, gravity feed airbrushes don’t have a lid, and the cups are usually not designed for large volumes. This means that you can mix paint only as much as you need to use the airbrush. You can even buy one that has removable paint cups, which is great if you want to switch applications. But, while gravity feed airbrushes are convenient, they have some disadvantages as well.

If you are looking for an airbrush for fine art, fine detail work, or scale modelling, gravity feed airbrushes are perfect for you. Because they don’t need air pressure to draw paint, they are ideal for fine detail work and fine art. They are also suitable for nail art. Moreover, you can also choose gravity feed airbrushes that come with a larger needle and nozzle combination for larger flow work.

Single-action trigger airbrushes

Airbrushes are designed to apply paint to a surface using a trigger. Triggers are typically adjustable to allow you to create a different spray pattern. To change the spray pattern, simply press the trigger and pull back to adjust the nozzle. Single-action airbrushes are more user-friendly because they only have one trigger to operate.

Single-action trigger airbrushes offer less instant control than dual-action airbrushes. However, they can provide better control for set spray patterns and repeatable lines. They are ideal for people with limited finger control and do not need the instant-response of a dual-action airbrush.

Single-action trigger airbrushes are similar to double-action trigger airbrushes, but the nozzle adjusts the amount of paint that is sprayed. These brushes can be used for both fine and detailed work.

Iwata airbrushes

Iwata airbrushes are the choice of a wide range of artists. These tools offer superior spray quality and abundant features. Each one is designed for specific spray performance and scale. They are easy to clean and are suitable for any budget. If you are new to the world of airbrushing, this is an excellent choice.

Iwata airbrushes are backed by a 5 year warranty. The company is committed to delivering top performance. They create a full line of airbrushes for painters of all levels, from amateurs to professional artists. You can choose from a budget-friendly NEO series to an absolute precision tool in the CM series. The Iwata airbrush range also includes models for miniature painting, body painting, war-hammer, and automotive.

The Iwata Eclipse Series airbrushes are multi-purpose and feature a high-paint-flow nozzle. You can spray anything from light to heavy depending on your chosen nozzle size. The Eclipse Series airbrushes are also easy to clean and assemble. Their nozzles are self-centred to allow for high paint flow. They come with a choice of 0.35mm or 0.5mm airbrush heads.