How Reliable Is 2019 Infiniti qx80 Compared To Other SUVs?

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In the SUV product line, some models set a milestone by their overall features, and this time 2019 Infiniti QX80 did it. In terms of reliability, this one ensures what we need from a luxury SUV. Considering every little feature that comes with other SUV models, Infiniti QX80 got a good mark.

On top of that, the powerful V8 engine turns this SUV into a beast that offers tough performance on the road. With the present handling, everything is going to be easy for the driver. This monster got the power to ensure solid handling and hauling.

Before you consider another alternative for an SUV, this one will make you think twice. Let’s dig out more features about this advanced and styling QX80.

2019 Infiniti qx80
Picture: 2019 Infiniti QX80

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2019 Infiniti QX80: How It Offers Satisfying Riding Experience?

The SUV is nothing new in the Vehicle market. Despite different types of vehicles, SUVs get popular in a short time. Infiniti tried to get the SUV market, and we’ve got Infiniti QX80.

Their philosophy about this SUV is almost perfect. Putting other luxury SUV models of other brands aside, this one makes the market unstable.

Everything of QX80 including paint, engine, interior, performance, safety features, comfort, seats, the headlight is perfect and lovely for SUV users.

This masterpiece was introduced in 2011. But that time Infiniti called it QX56. But it turns to QX80 after completing its few year journeys. This year, we’ve got the chance to get a fresh 2019 Infiniti QX80 again.

Infiniti QX80 on the road
Picture: Infiniti QX80 on the road

What do Experts Say About The Features of 2019 Infiniti QX80?

As a potential customer, everyone looks for some crucial and basic features in an SUV. Our expert finds out the truth about the features of QX80. We hope all this information will help you to find the answer about the reliability of this SUV.

Engine And Transmission

First of all, it satisfied us by engine and transmission. This SUV is almost 6000 pounds. That means there is something in it.

Every QX80 comes with a powerful 5.6-liter V8 engine. This beast can produce 400 HP. Even the torque is 413 lb.-ft at 400 RPM. To handle such power, QX80 is equipped with an automatic 7-speed adaptive transmission.

A powerful engine and transmission are best for towing. So, what have we got here? This SUV has 8500 pounds towing capacity.

For a better driving experience, this transmission offers three modes like Manual, Snow, and Tow modes.

Infiniti QX80 on the road
Picture: V8 engine

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption rate can make the drive crazy, especially for the V8 engine. After monitoring closely, we found this SUV shows different fuel consumption rates like 13 MPG in the city, 15 mpg in random driving, and 19 on the highway.

That means its average speed is 42.8 mph. So, if you fill the gas tank, then this SUV will run for the next 400 miles that is comparatively better mileage for an SUV.

Interior and Exterior

The first thing that came to our mind about the interior of this SUV is, it’s designed for the night not for the day. For control or adjustment, there are lots of buttons and knobs.

The display could be bigger to show more information about the system. But this old-school interior is loved by many SUV lovers.

On the other hand, Infiniti QX80 is the model made based on another SUV named Nissan patrol. But some detailed work on the body makes lots of differences.

Its outlook is just beautiful. The style was updated. Everything about this vehicle gives it a sporty look, even the 22-inches wheels.

Picture: Interior of Infiniti QX80

Space and Storage

No doubt, this SUV offers lots of space and different storage options. In the cabin of QX80, the store space impressed us.

For the cargo, it does not have enough room. But the third-row seat allows the user to expand the storage. Just need to push down the seat. The storage volume of 49.6 cu.-ft will expand.

QX80 cargo space
Picture: Infiniti QX80 cargo space


Some safety features make this SUV one of the safest vehicles out there. To ensure proper safety, the manufacturing company includes several and remarkable safe functions.

We can feel the benefits of its emergency calling, automatic collision notification, different alert systems. Even it can alert the driver about speed and surpassed boundaries.

It is able to predict the possible collision and alert the driver. That’s why it included an automatic emergency braking system.

One more thing, a diver can easily maneuver this huge beast on the road.  Front and rear parking sensors, the camera system will help the driver a lot.

Other Features

To get a better driving experience, it also includes some other features that are important to SUV drivers. Some of these are given below.

  • It is equipped with a climate control system. The good thing is, this system is completely separate from the SUV’s information system.
  • Proactive vehicle speed-sensitive steering is another top-notched feature of QX80.
  • The 4 wheel suspension is independent. To get more benefit from it, it includes a hydraulic body motion control system.

Timeline of QX80 from 2015

Over the last few years, this SUV has come through lots of chances. Finally, we have got a more furnished and perfect SUV to drive. Now We can compare the different versions of it. Let’s check the timeline and its changes.

  • 2015: Exterior style of this SUV was updated.
  • 2016 to 2017: No mentionable changes
  • 2018: once again, the exterior style was updated
  • 2019: Some option features were upgraded.

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As a final impression, every feature of the Infiniti QX80’s becomes standard. This good-looking SUV is surely a proud member of luxury and class.

At the same time, it has become a comfortable vehicle in these decades. Even everyone can easily drive this SUV with its offered system. Everyone is going to love how it can care for the driver. It can save you all the time when you are in this vehicle.

As long as you don’t need any masterclass SUV, then the 2019 Infiniti QX80 is definitely a wise choice to get. The manufacturing company redesigned this SUV for almost everything.

The combination of style, modernized features, and technology makes Infiniti QX80 perfect to ride on the road.

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