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Up and coming entrepreneurs and startups who are killing the game.


Is Living for Instagram Making Millenials Less Likely to Find Success in their Careers?

Especially the social platforms are giving us the boost we need to live even the millennial. Many of them are living for...

Best Lotteries Apps to Play International Lotto’s

Earlier, I heard about the lotto where I can try my luck in the coolest way. Guess what? Yes, it is the...
news app

What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

If you have an Android device, then the process will be easier to get all the news as you want. Just get...

iPhone Live Wallpaper: The Next Cool Feature for Your Phone

If I ask you, what do you consider as extremely essential to carry with while you go out, what will you answer? Sounds rhetorical,...

Quantum Computers: The Next Frontier in Cutting Edge Science

This world is filled to the brim with incredible pieces of technology. We have cell phones with more computing power than that...

Elizabeth Holmes & Silicon Valley’s Inclusion Paradox

I first heard about Elizabeth Holmes in 2015, when Forbes Magazine listed her as the world’s youngest billionaire, worth an estimated $4.5...

StepSkooter makes scooting fun again.

Working out can be a bore and a pain for many people, which is a reason why a lot of people tend to...
5 ways Accelerators Can Help Startups

Fortune Startups: Tutoring Services

    There are many high-tech Media Services out there that frequent tutoring services. Many of these media services companies have prospered this decade....
Eliminate the Headaches of IT Issues with CMIT

How to Attract More Views to Your Website

Creating a successful website is no easy feat. From staying in the know about industry trends to producing meaningful content, it takes a lot...

Well Established Entrepreneur: Jack the Snipper

 Jack the Snipper is a well-established company. They make a difference in the ways grooming products are distributed and made today. It is an evolvement...

  Pharmaceutical Startups and Why They Matter

Pharmaceutical startups are educating the consumer. These startups carry more quality products and prompt service. Startups like these focus on cell therapies, heart services...