Why Action Camera Microphone Attachment Is Important For Better Sound?

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

The best action camera microphone attachment can make you free from the blame of recording the bad sound quality of the video.

Yes! It’s often been said, the bad quality of the sound is worse than a low-quality video with better sound. All are related to sound and in that case, microphone attachment plays its unbeatable role.

It’s a microphone that is attached to an action camera to capture high-quality sound. Indeed, most action cameras don’t come with this fantastic attachment.

It’s a solution to make next-level videos with great sound quality. We need to know more about this fantastic gadget and all these are given below.

What is Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

In recent years, the popularity of action cameras is rising like a rocket. For the best action shot, users need to capture both high-quality video and audio.

Without an action camera microphone attachment, it’s not possible. It’s a small gadget-like audio device that is attached to an action camera.

When you’re recording the video, this microphone will capture your voice as well. Undoubtedly, this small and lightweight gadget is an ideal option for those who record videos simultaneously.

Picture: Action Camera with mic
Picture: Action Camera with mic

What Types of Microphone Attachment is Right For My Action Camera?

Choosing an action camera microphone is a challenging task for everyone. A wide variety of microphones make things harder.

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With all these options you need to pick the right one for you but how? It depends on some parameters like connection, model, polar pattern, shape, use, and many more. Here are some types of action cameras given below.

  • Dynamic Mics
  • Condenser Mics
  • Shotgun Mics
  • Lavalier Mics
Picture: Condenser Mic
Picture: Condenser Mic

Dynamic Mics:

This is the most versatile type used for action camera microphones. It works better with the use of electromagnetism, which converts signals (electrically).

Because of their performance, these types of microphones are expensive. For the studio setup, people prefer it as their first choice.

Condenser Mics:

To get a higher quality of audio, this mic is also best in action. In most situations, it works far better than the dynamic mic to offer more accurate sound. That means it’s more expensive than the dynamic mic.

Shotgun Mics:

First of all, its design will draw your attention. It’s named this way because it looks like a shotgun barrel.

To isolate environmental noise, shotgun microphones are the best choice. It works to capture only the source of the sound.

It will be good to choose this type of mic based on sensitivity as well. It has three types of pickup patterns, ultra-cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and super-cardioid.

Lavalier Mics

Don’t get confused with the name of this type of mic. It’s also known as a lapel mic or clip-on mic. The benefit of using this mic is that it can be attached to the body of the broadcaster.

Now you can guess that this is the perfect mic for broadcasting and films, especially when recording dialogue.

Lavalier Microphone
Picture: Lavalier Microphone

How You Can Choose The Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

Before choosing the best option, you might need to focus on a few things. All these parameters are highly essential to consider.

Otherwise, using the worst action camera microphone attachment can ruin your day. So, what are all these factors? Let’s check them all from below.

Power Supply

Without a proper power supply, your whole setup can crash in an instant. Don’t worry! Most action camera attachment comes with two types of power supply.

One is batteries and another source is an external power supply. Most of the microphone comes with an inbuilt battery.

It’s good for shooting videos and capturing videos outdoors or recording any specific session where the power is not available.

On the other hand, a few models of microphone attachments have the option to get power from external sources. Such types of options are best for recording long sessions.

Connector Plug

Action camera microphone attachment can be connected with different types of connector plugs and these are given below.

  • TS (Tip-Sleeve- 1 Pin)
  • TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve- 2 Pin)
  • TRRS (Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve- 3 Pin)
  • XLR (3 Pin)


The price of an action camera microphone attachment varies and it also depends on your required feature. The more you spend, the more features you can get from such types of microphones.

Based on the feature, it can go more than $100. So, identify your needs first. The basic price of these microphones is around $30.

What Types of Advantages Can You Get Form Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

The action Camera microphone plays a big role in capturing high-quality audio. At the time of filmmaking, it shows its best performance.

Because of technological advancement, such a microphone is getting better in both quality and performance.

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Now, it’s possible to capture complex and stunning sounds with videos. Here some advantages of an action camera microphone are described below.

Increase Quality of Final Result

After capturing all the footage and sound, a filmmaker can get more control over the work. Yes, they can control what they want and create what is perfect that can be merged with the video.

Increase Flexibility

Such types of microphone technology offer more flexibility, especially for editing films. It opens the way to experiment with the product, technique, and method with the raw but high-quality sound and video file.

Increase Quality:

Great products like this one ensure the overall quality of films. A microphone is a sophisticated piece of equipment that works best with the software. Through this gadget, a filmmaker can create better-sounding films.

Picture: Record everything on the go
Picture: Record everything on the go


The action camera microphone attachment is a really helpful gadget that clarifies the performance of the film. It’s for the best audio that can increase the quality of the video and help to engage more audiences.

Yes! Better sound can indeed engage people and guide them to listen to what is in the video. This amazing little device is not only the best in performance but also surprisingly affordable.

Try to get the best and latest model of microphone attachment for your action camera and get the best quality sound for your videos.

Remember, the modern action camera still has a problem with high-quality sound. So, a microphone attachment can be your ultimate solution!

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