3 Things You Need To Understand About Amazon Return Policy

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Because of the Amazon return policy, returning products without taking any preparation takes the form of comfort. All these policies are good for instant returns without following complicated procedures.

Amazon has a return policy that supports everyone related to its e-commerce business, especially the customer. It’s for achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Because of the most customer-friendly return policy, Amazon makes an exceptional example for returning products.

In the eCommerce world, they have become a legend. Let’s know how Amazon does it with its millions of customers and billions of products.

Amazon return policy
Picture: Amazon

How To Use Amazon Return Policy To Return Products Fast, Easy, and Free?

Amazon return policy helps to satisfy customers. That’s how they become an undeclared king in the eCommerce world. They earned it by offering different facilities to their customers and sellers.

To keep things easier and better, Amazon makes the process of shopping and returning fast. It’s true that, on their product returning page, you can see only the default return method. But there is more to dig.

If you are looking for a more convenient and cheaper way to return products, there are more hidden tips and tricks. Perhaps, without knowing them it might look complicated to the customer.

Things You Need To Know

According to Amazon’s return and refund strategy, you must know 3 things as a customer. Here they are.

  1. Product Return Policy by Amazon – Global Store
  2. Things You Can’t Return To Amazon
  3. How to return
Amazon return policy
Picture: Amazon’s Return Policy

Product Return Policy By Amazon – Global Store

Amazon said that the item you returned can take more than 25 days to reach. That means you’ve to wait long until the product arrives at its destination. But this is not the last thing to complete the process.

After receiving the product by the fulfillment center of Amazon, it will take another 2 business days. These days are needed to process the system.

If everything is alright, then between 3 to 5 days, the refund amount will be added to your account.

3 Things You Need To Understand About Amazon Return Policy
Picture: Returns Center

Amazon imposes some charges for that, especially for the return label. Customers need to bear it as their own expense. The good news is, if the cost exceeds more than $20, Amazon will return the cost after receiving the product.

So, when a customer finds that, the cost (return postage) exceeds $20, then let the customer service know about it. Amazon also ensures that customers will be benefited with the full amount for the damaged product.

Let me explain. If the product is defective, incorrect, or damaged, then Amazon will refund the full cost (Postage cost) including import fees.

Amazon return policy
Picture: A product by Amazon

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Things You Can’t Return To Amazon

Maybe Amazon comes with a customer-friendly return policy, but not everything is returnable. Yes, you heard right. There are lots of products you can’t return to Amazon. So, before you proceed to return them, check the list I’m going to discuss below. All these products violate the terms of the Amazon return policy. Take a look:

  • Using your computer (laptop, desktop) that you’ve purchased from Amazon, it’s not easy to return. Especially when you are using and trying to return it after receiving it more than 30 days from delivery.
  • Some products (Health and personal care items) need to be used by damaging safety protection seals. You can’t return them
  • Damaged handmade or customized products can’t be returned to Amazon.
  • After buying (downloading) music from the Amazon Digital Music store is out of the refund policy. So, any kind of digital music is not returnable.
  • Any type of fresh flower is not returnable, but it’s refundable.
  • Every type of gift card is not included in the return policy of Amazon
  • Groceries are also not returnable. If the grocery item you purchased is replaceable then there is a chance to give it back to amazon.
  • Items that can make some Hazzard (flammable liquid, gases) is not returnable.
  • Insects, especially the live ones (ladybugs, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, etc.)
  • Live plants (because of the types it’s not returnable, but refundable)
  • Food for the pet is refundable but not returnable.
  • Different types of game cards (prepaid) are not listed as returnable items by Amazon.
  • After buying prepaid phone cards, you can return them.
  • Every product has a unique and special serial code (UPC – Universal product code). If the code is missing from your product, then you can’t return it to Amazon.
  • All the downloads including software and games.
  • Ticket for an amusement park (theme park)
  • If you downloaded any videos from the Amazon Video store, then you cannot return them.
Amazon Return & Replacement Policy
Amazon Return & Replacement Policy

How To Return Products?

For the customer, Amazon makes their return and refund policies for most of the items. According to the returning option that customers preferred, their terms of returning and working days to process will differ.

There are a few popular options to return products to Amazon. Let’s check a few things first.

  1. Before you return products gather all the things you get with the products.
  2. Remember, it also needed original product packaging.
  3. Find our receipt that includes the product order number.
Amazon return policy
Picture: Amazon Product Packaging

Purchased From Amazon.com

  • First of all, go to Amazon.com. Now go to the Online Return Center
  • There is an option that will be available if your item is eligible to return. But this option only works for Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star, and Amazon Pop Up.
  •  Sometimes the item you want to return cannot be returned by the option. Then you can check other return options offered by Amazon.

Purchased From Amazon Go or Amazon Go Grocery

In a few ways, you can ask Amazon to take back the product and refund. These options are.

  • Using the Amazon Go app
  • Using Amazon shopping app

Amazon Go app

  • Open the app and navigate your order.
  • Now swipe the item to the left. It will guide the user in a new direction. Follow it.

Amazon shopping app

  • Open the app and visit your orders.
  • Now navigate your order that you want to return.
  • There will be an option for the refund called ‘Request a refund’
  • After the selection, there are more guidelines you’ll get. Follow it to complete the process.

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Building a user-friendly business needed lots of steps to complete. User satisfaction gets the top priority in this case. In the eCommerce world, Amazon does lots of things to keep their customer happy all the time.

Amazon return policy for the customer is one of these which makes Amazon the best in business. Their footsteps help to improve customer retention, unusual headaches as well.

Now, nobody as a customer feels insecure about their product. Even Amazon helps the customer to get the refund easily as first as they can. That’s how customers can return most of the items easily and smoothly if they didn’t like them.

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