Animal Crossing Wallpaper: Which Are The Best And How To Get Them?

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Undoubtedly, Animal Crossing got our attention when we saw people looking for Animal Crossing wallpaper. But what is this thing? Animal Crossing is a beautifully designed game and we love its simplicity.

Most players spend hours playing this game, and they are hardly satisfied because there are more options to develop the gameplay.

In this game, a player needs to build a perfect home. So, in terms of the wallpaper, Animal Crossing wallpaper is used to theme more rooms after extending in the game and this wallpaper are the key that let you organize rooms beautifully.

To get more depth and touch, you might need some help and guidelines for such wallpaper. Without wasting time let’s jump into the deep.

Picture: Build a house in Animal Crossing
Picture: Build a house in Animal Crossing

What is Animal Crossing Wallpaper?

To create your own paradise in the game, Animal Crossing will definitely be the best choice for you. It’s a social simulation video game where you can explore, create and customize lots of things.

From tools to creature comforts, everything is possible in this game. Not only that, the most innovative and satisfying side of this game is you can decorate them as your heart says.

So, decorating your paradise-like house, and room spending hours is fun and it gets its pick point when you start to use wallpaper.

Animal Crossing wallpapers let you imagine and dream in more colorful ways in the game and it’s the key to decorating them. That’s why these wallpapers work as a surprise for the players.

Picture: Animal Crossing have lots of lovely characters
Picture: Animal Crossing have lots of lovely characters

What Are The Best Animal Crossing Wallpaper?

You’ll puzzle after finding the world of wallpaper for Animal Crossing. In this situation, it’s hard to find out which could be your best choice among hundreds of wallpapers.

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Don’t worry, after deep research based on the use of wallpaper, we picked a few of them that could be better than every other wallpaper. Here is the list we made for you.

  • Stormy Night Wall
  • Wooden Knot Wall
  • Tearoom Wallpaper
  • Skull Wall
  • Shoji Screen
  • Fruit Wallpaper
  • Underwater Wall
  • Pink Quit Wall
  • Two-Toned Tile
  • Dinner Wall
  • Cityscape Wall
  • Botanical Tile
  • Heavy Curtain Wall
  • Mermaid Wall
  • Playroom Wall

Here are some details we shared about all these wallpapers.

Stormy Night Wall

This is the best and top wallpaper we picked. It’s not only beautifully designed but also has a great color combination. Another important thing is an animated wallpaper and it will cost 3000 bells. Another way of getting this wallpaper is using 5 tickets. Yes, you can purchase it.

Wooden-Knot Wall

This wall we picked for you is a DIY recipe. The wooden-knot wall needs 15 hardwoods. Without such an amount of hardwood in the game, you can’t make it.

The beautiful thing is, that it’s perfectly matched to the floor and gives a log cabin feel. If you are an adventurous person in reality, then this wall should be the best choice for you.

Tearoom Wallpaper

For the simple and classic wallpaper lover, we suggest this wallpaper. When you browse Nook’s Cranny swatches, this wallpaper will appear as an option.

From all these swatch pictures, a soothing Tearoom is best. On top of that, Chic Tearoom is also available which looks like a gray and modern swatch.

Skull Wall

Sometimes this type of wallpaper (Skull Wall) is the best choice depending on different situations. Goth and pastel are one of them. If your room looks the same as we’re talking about, then Skull wall is undoubtedly a solid choice.

This wall is also best to use in a room where dark furniture is available and it can give you a haunted feeling.

Shoji Screen

Spend 1880 bells and get this beautiful wallpaper from Nook’s Cranny. This wallpaper is fitted with almost any type of room. It gives an open look and bright feeling.

To get a chilled mood, this wall works best. That’s why Shoji Screen is another name for relaxing.

Underwater Wall

It comes from another DIY recipe. You can find it in balloons. If the matching floor is needed for your room, then it’s possible to get the same thing from the same balloons.

Most of the time, this wallpaper is dropped during the summer months. After getting the recipe, use 5 coral and 3 summer shells. That’s all to craft Underwater walls.

How To Get More Animal Crossing Wallpaper?

If you need more wallpaper then there are lots of ways open. Sometimes it seems difficult to find them. Keep patience, we are going to suggest some way where you can find more wallpaper for Animal Crossing, and here it is.


In the game, it is possible to earn new wallpaper as a gift. For that, look for the Saharah (Camel). It will randomly appear in the game. You’ll see it selling rugs, flooring, and wallpapers. Spend some bells to buy them.

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Nook’s Cranny

To choose a wide array of wallpaper Nooks Cranny could be another best option. Timmy and Tommy’s inventory is always changing in the game and it’s happening on a daily basis.

With the range of prices and variations, you can choose wallpaper from here and bring your designs to life.

Picture: Timmy and Tommy's Inventory
Picture: Timmy and Tommy’s Inventory

Handouts from Your Neighbors

Sometimes you can get a favor in return from your neighbor if you give a gift to them. This is a kind act and maybe this is the only chance you’ve to get walls after trying different methods.

DIY Recipes

With the help of DIY recipes, you can create your own wallpaper. Shoot down balloons floating in the sky, or open every message bottle you came across. Who knows, what is waiting for you, maybe a recipe.

 Picture: Animal Crossing Gameplay
Picture: Animal Crossing Gameplay


Now you know how to get the best Animal Crossing wallpaper. We’ve even discussed some effective ways as well.

Honestly, Animal Crossing games become more beautiful after including customizable activities. Wallpapers are one of these.

You can get different vibes and feel after using different types of wallpaper for your extended room in the game. Maybe all these wallpapers are the only facts that guide you to make another room for another wallpaper.

Thankfully, getting new and different wallpaper for Animal Crossing is not that hard at all. Just keep patient, you’ll get more of them from time to time.

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