Armored Titan: All The Power And Abilities Are Explained

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

If you are a fan of Attack on Titan, then Armored Titan already draws your attention. It is one of these nine titans who have an important role in the story.

It’s true, Titans are the most attractive point of this Japanese dark fantasy anime series. This manga series gives us some powerful characters who are considered the most powerful beings.

Undoubtedly, the Armored one is incredibly strong and has some different abilities like hardening the skin and healing. This is not the ending part of this titan.

There are still lots of facts I need to discuss with you. Want to know it? Then read below.

Picture: Attack on Titan
Picture: Attack on Titan

What is an Armored Titan?

The Japanese dark fantasy animated series “Attack on Titan” got popular in a short time. Now every anime lover knows what this thing is. In this manga, we found a different Titan.

They are totaling nine, and Armored Titan is one of these. It is a compelling character. It’s neither a hero in the manga nor a villain. In this series, we saw Reiner, who is an inheritor of the Armored one.

Fans were guessing about Titan’s power. When it revealed the true power, almost everyone was shocked.

Armored Titan: All The Power And Abilities Are Explained
Picture: Armored Titan

What Is the Rank of Armored Titan Based on Power and Abilities?

In “Attack on Titan” there are 9 Titan comes after being divided by the Founding Titan. But all these Titans are not equal in size, power, and abilities.

So, we made a shortlist and ranked them based on their power. Check it out from below.

  1. Founding Titan
  2. Attack Titan
  3. Armored Titan
  4. Beast Titan
  5. Warhammer Titan
  6. Female Titan
  7. Colossal Titan
  8. Jaw Titan
  9. Cart Titan

What is the Appearance of Armored Titan?

Every Titan has some exception in appearances. The Armored and Colossal one has something similar but unique from other Titans. Both are almost 15 meters tall.

On top of that, the skin of Armored is like armor. It is depicted as yellowish-brown plates. You’ll see all these plates are covering most of the parts of the body of this titan but arms, chest, face, and legs are most noticeable.

Picture: Armored Titan has armor-like skin
Picture: Armored Titan has armor-like skin

On the back, two more plates also cover the skin, especially the backside of the neck. The neck is also one of the weakest points of the titans. The face is also split into two parts. It is for allowing the Titan to open the mouth when needed.

What are The Abilities of Armored Titan?

Like other Titans armored one also has different skills and abilities. Its skin is like metal. This skin can easily deflect military-grade weapons. Cannons and blades cannot harm its skin.

Armored one is not that type big as Colossal Titan but has better abilities. This titan is much more terrifying than colossus one due to its battering power.

We saw this power is extremely effective in different situations like against Wall Maria. The wall is almost impenetrable. But due to this power, Armored Titan mages break right through it.

Picture: Armored Titan can break the wall
Picture: Armored Titan can break the wall

It can use its speed. Behind this speed, its strength and defense system also help perfectly. If the Titan wishes to leave the armor, then it can.

This trick can increase Titan’s mobility. It’s also true, such a decision can make the Titan more vulnerable to attacks.

Another ability of this titan is control over how it sheds its armor. As we saw, this titan can be discarding specific sections. It is for increasing flexibility. This technique also lets this titan attack using other parts of the body that are covered in armor.

What are the Origins of Armored Titan?

Now, it’s time to know the origin of Armored Titan and it’s from ‘Ymir Fritz’. She is the woman who gained the power of The Founding Titan.

In the story of Titan, it’s telling that, after the death of Ymir, this power was divided into nine. All these nine divided powers were passed down to several successors.

For the Armored Titan, the power is held by Reiner Braun. The Marley Nation deployed Reiner in the year 845 with other Titans (Colossal Titan, Female Titan) to Paradise Island.

The purpose was clear and that is reclaiming the power of the Founding Titan. Another purpose of deploying this Titan was to exterminate all the people within the walls and it took almost five years to do that.

Taking Down The Armored Titan: Is It Possible?

Fans wanted to see how Armored Titan would fall. But taking down this gain is not as easy as we think. In Season 3, Episode 14, we found the answer. The interior police come with new technology.

This tech lets them counter the Armored Titan’s hard and thick skin. It’s a very convenient method to attempt to destroy the skin using blades and cannons. They are completely useless.

The technology was named “Thunder Spear”. It was wielded by normal humans. In the testing trial, this technology shows its power. This power is theoretically enough to take the Armored Titan down.

In episode 17, this titan was ambushed by three men (Connie, Sasha, and Jean). Jean uses a blade to attack this titan and the other two use Thunder Spears.

As a result of this attack, the Jaw of the Titan broke and exposed Reiner. Yes, the attack was successful and it makes the Titan more vulnerable.


It’s true, Armored Titan is one of the most powerful Titans but this one has a different harsh reality. When we saw Reiner get the mighty power of this titan then we thought it was easy to hold it but this is not true at all.

This titan comes at a steep cost. Throughout the whole series, Reiner dealt with a lot of terrible things. He needed to obtain the memories of past inheritors and he must die within thirteen years.

Yes, the inheritor of the titan will die. For the Armored one, there is no exception. Considering all the facts about this Titan, one thing we can say for sure. In the future, this titan will give us more thrill than other Titans.

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