Black Noir: His Secret Can Twist Everything

You must know about the mysterious but main character named Black Noir if you have already watched the Amazon series “The Boys.” But is he actually as powerful as we think? Yes, this non-speaking character can do almost everything to save the world as we saw in the series.

Black Noir is one of the main characters and members of “The Seven” and this superhero not only has the best fighting skills along with superpowers but is also a talented character of this series.

There are a lot of facts still unknown about this hero, as his dark costume. We can understand what you need to know about this superhero. Keep reading, you’ll discover lots of things about him.

Picture: The Boys

Who Is Black Noir?

Black Noir is a superhero character. We meet him in the Amazon series named “The Boys ‘. This character is mysterious and his outfit also draws everyone’s attention.

This darkly costumed superhero is also a pilot and a member of “The Seven” as well. Most of the time in the series, he keeps silent but he is still stealthy and enigmatic. This character was developed as a super-powered ninja.

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Lots of his skills only matched with martial arts. Everybody knows little about this lethal warrior. So, what is behind his black mask? We can feel, there are more terrifying stories.

Picture: Black Noir
Picture: Black Noir

Overview about Black Noir:

Black Noir is a portrayed superhero. Like other superheroes, he also does the same thing to save the world. Let’s take a quick look at some key information about this superhero.

  • Super Name: Black Noir
  • Publisher: Dynamite entertainment
  • Creators: Garth Ennis Darick Robertson
  • Gender: Male
  • Character Type: Human
  • First Appearance: The Boys #3 – Cherry, Part One
  • Appears in: 43 issues
  • Died: The Boys #65 – Over The Hill With The Swords of A Thousand Men Conclusion
  • Powers: Agility, Berserker Strength, Flight, Heat Vision, Invulnerability, Longevity, Sonic Scream, Stamina, Super Speed, Super Strength, Unarmed Combat

Does Black Noir Have a Shocking Secret Identity?

In the series, this character draws everyone’s attention all the time and there is a good reason for it. He never speaks nor sees his face. This is the biggest plot of this story that we loved all the time. Because of the secret identity we always want to know what is actually behind the black mask.

Maybe you don’t know, he is a clone of Homelander! After revealing his true face, we get stunned because he is most likely Antony Starr. That’s why we found Black Noir has all the power of Homelander.

The main focus of this character is to keep close to Homelander and wait for the final order. The order to kill his brother. Finally, the day came when Homelander tried to take over the U.S. Government.

There is no option without our mysterious dark hero. Because he is the only one who has more power than Homelander. He acts like a robot because of his silent act. That’s why we saw his eccentric behavior in the TV series.

Will Black Noir Betray Homelander?

Sometimes we need some twist in the story. So, in “The Boys” there is some genuine game-changer for fans. Following the twist, this character reveals his real identity. It works like a spark for the series.

As we know, in the TV series, Hamelander actor Antony Starr is not playing his clone character. This character is played by Nathan Mitchell (A Canadian Actor). He is not the exact Homelander replica in the series.

There was an impact needed to move the show forward and fighting against Homelander was something like that.

Picture: Homelander
Picture: Homelander

Why Black Noir Never Speak or Remove His Mask?

To keep the identity secret and create some mystery, this hero never speaks or removes his mask at all. As you see in the series, Billy Butcher makes Homelander main targets as well as his clone.

In the meantime, Black Noir was sent to deal with Naqib (Terrorist). We also saw him crying after returning home. He didn’t have a normal childhood. He also hunts down the person (Billy Butcher) who is actually the reason for The Seven’s Misfortune.

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At some point, he got a phone call from Mr. Edgar but the best part is Black Noir didn’t speak. He didn’t speak in the TV series but in the comic part, he does.

Picture: Black Noir behaviors with children’s are confusing
Picture: Black Noir behaviors with children’s are confusing

Things Only Comic Book Fans Know about Black Noir:

Comic Book fans know more about this character than fans of the TV Series. However, this superhero is the quietest member and most skilled fighter of the group.

Only a few things this character does in the TV series. So, there are still lots of things we don’t know about him. But in the comics, this character is more expressive than in the TV series.

Here are some popular and unknown facts about this character are given below.

  • Homelander has a clone and guess who it is? Obviously Black Noir.
  • There are seven members in the group but this one is the strongest, even stronger than Homelander.
  • After a while, as the story moves forward, he kills Homelander.
  • He has a nut allergy and we saw it when Queen Maeve tried to feed him a couple of nuts.
  • His level of Ruthlessness is unpredictable.
  • He only speaks at the end.
  • Head-to-toe black suit makes him more mysterious and this costume doesn’t have any special design or compartments.


When we watch the Amazon series “The Boys”, we monitor the activity of the mystery character Black Noir. He is an enigmatic, silent member of “The Seven” but the strongest one than every other superhero of the group.

His power and origin make us more confused why he is so silent and always wants to look for something like an order to kill his brother. Sometimes, this character performs horrific acts but at the end of the day, he is just like every other superhero.

Maybe he is a result of an insane clone of Homelander, but we love this character as we love Homelander in “The Boys”.

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