SpongeBob SquarePants: It’s All About Gary The Snail

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Without Gary the Snail, it’s hard to imagine the life of SpongeBob. As one of the cutest pets, Gary lives in their pineapple house. He acts like other pets and meows like a cat.

SpongeBob is the only character in this cartoon series who understands Gary well. Fans of SpongeBob also love this pet. The director tried a different method to present the pet to us.

At some point, in an episode, Gary died and fans thought that this is the time for the replacement of Gary. To know more about Gary, stay with us in this review. We’ll reveal more interesting facts about him.

Picture: SpongeBob SquarePants
Picture: SpongeBob SquarePants

Who Is Gary The Snail In SpongeBob?

In the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series, we found different pets. Gary the snail is the pet of SpongeBob. He is the most seen pet in this long-running cartoon series. He lives with SpongeBob. This character is voiced by Tom Kenny.

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Gary lives at 124 Conch Street. “Help Wanted” was the first episode where we discovered Gary. From the beginning, Gary acts as a domesticated house pet. Despite being a snail, he acts like a real-world cat. This thing makes Gary more appealing to the fans.

Even he creates sounds like Meow. In an episode titled “Treats” we find the secret of Gary. He was adopted by SpongeBob when he was younger. As Gary continued his journey in this cartoon series with SpongeBob, Gary developed a personality of his own.

Picture: Gary the snail
Picture: Gary the snail

Origin of Gary The Snail:

Do you know where Gary comes from and who his parents are? He is the only child of Sluggo Star. But there is no clue about his mother. At camp Coral, SpongeBob met Gary. Later he adopted Gary. Not at the same time when he met Gary.

When SpongeBob got older, he adopted Gary from a local animal shelter. If you already saw the episode named “Treats!” then you just saw a picture of SpongeBob and Gary. This is the picture when he picked Gary.

In this picture we also saw, Gary had a memorable childhood with three other snails. But there is a long story about Gary. He betrayed SpongeBob in exchange for Patrick and returned to his original owner.

At some point, we saw, he moved out of Bikini Bottom. It happened because of SpongeBob’s unintentional negligence. After that, Gary is sheltered by a woman named Granny who is treated as an older woman in this cartoon series.

Gary was clever to find out the actual motive of Granny. That time Gary discovered that SpongeBob was looking for him. Gary escaped from Granny’s house and returned to Bikini Bottom. The only purpose was to reunite with SpongeBob.

Picture: SpongeBob
Picture: SpongeBob

Gary’s Personality and Habit:

As a pet, Gary has a different but funny personality and habits. In different episodes, Gary revealed different characteristics. Let’s discuss how we found it.

  • He doesn’t love to take baths at all.
  • Sometimes he shows his anger in different ways but he is also known to exhibit bouts of anger.
  • Gary snatched a ladder away when SpongeBob needed it most. He was stuck in a tree. It didn’t cause any harm at all.
  • Gary shows his aggressiveness in “Once Bitten”. Because of it, he bites several of the Bottommites. Even the bites Mr. Krabs as well.
  • Squidward didn’t do anything wrong in the episode “The Thing” Gary attacks Squidward.
  • As a part of self-defense, Gary kicks SpongeBob out of his own home.
  • Gary has a passion for animal rights.
  • Most of the time Gary eats absurd amounts of food. Most of them are inedible objects.

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In Which Episode We Found Gary As A Focused Character?

In many episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, we saw Gary as one of the focused characters. We made a list of all the episodes where we discovered Gary.

  • I Was A Teenage Gary
  • Dumped
  • Gary Takes a Bath
  • The Great Snail Race
  • Have You Seen This Snail
  • Once Bitten
  • Fungus Among Us
  • Grooming Gary
  • Shell Shocked
  • A Pal for Gary
  • Gary in Love
  • The Cent of Money
  • Shellback Shenanigans
  • Pet Sitter Pat
  • Treats!
  • Gary’s New Toy
  • Pineapple Invasion
  • Chatterbox Gary
  • Gary & Spot
  • Gary’s Got Legs

Gary’s Relationship With SpongeBob:

Without SpongeBob, it’s hard to imagine Gary the snail character in this cartoon series. SpongeBob is the coolest friend of Gary and owner as well. Most of the time, SpongeBob takes advice from Gary especially when he can’t get help from anyone.

But Gary doesn’t like SpongeBob as we think. Most of the time he finds himself irritated by SpongeBob. He thought SpongeBob neglected him. Sometimes SpongeBob puts pressure on Gary. But at the end of the day, they get back on good terms.

Picture: Gary and SpongeBob have a strong bond
Picture: Gary and SpongeBob have a strong bond

Goodbye Gary:

The creator of SpongeBob Squarepants took a huge step to make an episode about Gary called “Goodbye Gary”. This episode was a test episode and it’s all about telling a story where SpongeBob got rid of Gary the Snail.

Undoubtedly, this episode is going to reveal a darker side of both SpongeBob and Gary. Fans don’t want to see such an episode because there is a strong bond between SpongeBob and Gary.

Maybe their bond will last forever unless the series ends. It shows us how to make friends, how to support one another in hard times, and how to care when there is no one.


SpongeBob got only two pets by his side in the whole adventure of SpongeBob Squarepants. But Gary the Snail is the best pet that can understand SpongeBob well. Even their bonding teaches every fan of this cartoon series a lesson.

In this show, Gary has a huge fan base. After the debut of this series, all the characters have a special place in our hearts. When we think about them, Gary should be at the top of the list.

The popularity of this series is never going to end soon. SpongeBob and Gary should get the credit for this popularity. Hopefully, these two beloved characters will entertain us for a long time.

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