Why Burst Fade Is The Coolest Haircut For You in 2022?

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

Now people have various options for a haircut and burst fade is definitely on top of this list. This dazzling variation of a haircut has business applications in today’s fashion industries as well.

It’s a form of men’s haircut that is defined by length and texture. This very popular haircut is a combination of burst faded Mohawk that is also known as fade south of France haircut.

So, what is this haircut all about? It’s a fade that tapers the line of hair behind the ear. On the neck, the hair should be longer. It’s a completely rounded-shaped haircut.

Check out more details about this haircut and get yourself more knowledgeable.

What Is Burst Fade?

Most haircuts have their characteristics as the burst fades. This haircut also has a unique pattern. So, there is no chance of any confusion.

This haircut may be a fade haircut but it’s not similar to other fade haircuts. It’s a process of making a hairline behind the ear. This line should be tapered.

At the back, hair should be left longer. This cut looks amazingly flatter and makes a beautiful combination of short and medium-length hair.

Do I Need Any Tools and Tips for a Best Burst Fade Haircut?

In recent times, this haircut becomes a simple and common haircut. The only reason for this popularity is the number of ways to do that.

Most of the time, barbers used different types of tools. But it depends on the hair type of the person as well.

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Yes, for medium-sized hair, barbers use the most common tools. These are twists, finger coils, and hair sponges. The use of a hair sponge is to create short natural hair twisted as well as curled.

Do you know that sponges come with two side effects? The first one comes with holes. Its only purpose is to create coils and curls.

Another side is the ridges. To make the hair more voluminous, this side is used. Barbers can use different alternative tools for it, but a sponge offers the biggest advantage. That is handling.

Another focusing point of this cut is that the hair should be damp. Yes, it should be damp from gel, conditioner, or water.

Find the best barber for your burst fade haircut
Picture: Find the best barber for your burst fade haircut

How To Get A Burst Fade?

This haircut looks gorgeous but there are more details you need to know to get such a haircut. You must need to know how to cut fade as well.

Even the proper handling of the guards, mirror, and comb is also important. We can explain it step by step. Let’s follow them as described below.

  1. To your top hair, apply the clippers. The guard size should be 3. It is for the length that you want in your desired haircut.
  2. For the side hair, make sure the guard size is 4. It’s also for the desired hair length.
  3. Now take a trimmer (Bald trimmer). Remove the guard to cut the hair. You need to cut it around the ears.
  4. Around the ear, duplicate the cut. For that, repeat the previous step. Try to keep the guard size 0 or 1.
  5. With the guard no. 3 make the edge down. The place should be between steps 1 and step 2.
  6. It’s time to flatten your hair. Use a comb to do that.
  7. Set the guard size 2. Now repeat step no 5.
  8. With the guard size 1 make a blend with guard size 2.
  9. Now, it’s time to polish. Blend all the parts and get your polished trim.
Picture: Follow the steps to get your haircut
Picture: Follow the steps to get your haircut

What Do You Need To Consider for This HairC?

It’s true, this haircut is popular and has become the definition of men’s fashion. But it’s not a wise decision to go to a barber shop and get this haircut instantly. There are a few important things you need to think about. So, consider the following facts.

Picture: Burst Fade Mohawk
Picture: Burst Fade Mohawk

Face Shape

This is not a haircut for all types of face shapes. Because it has less volume around the side. Maybe your face is not suitable to get an adjustment with such a haircut.

Most faces like round, square, and heart-shaped faces can get the most benefit from it. But it also depends on which style you should adopt this haircut. For the oval face, the shape may be to go for the steer clear and bald burst fades.

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Blend the Haircut with Style

This haircut comes in plenty of styles. So, pick the right style for your hair and make sure it is perfectly mixed with the haircut.

Make Some Fun

Trying a new style or thing with this hairstyle is possible. As you see, people love to experiment with it. You can also make some fun with it to get a different look.

Turn into a drop fade

If this haircut is not an option for you after getting the haircut, then it’s a way to turn this haircut into a drop fade later.

What Are the Best Hairstyles For This Haircut?

Knowing about all the available hairstyles for this haircut can help you to choose your one. It’ll be easier to pick what you need. Here is the same name of most complimenting hairstyles for this cut is given below.

  • Textured Mohawk
  • Side Design
  • Curly Hair
  • Straight Hair
  • Messy Mohawk Style
  • Short Fade With Sponges
  • Ideal Hawk
  • Burst Taper Fade
  • Curly Mohawk With a Shave Part
  • Ideal Hawk
  • High Top
 Men can adopt a different haircut
Picture: Men can adopt a different haircut


Undoubtedly, Burst Fades looks good for almost every shaped face. It’s not only a haircut that you want. It is a versatile option for hairstyle and it’s getting popular every day.

To give your face an appeal in modern ways, this hairstyle can be easily adopted. Yes, it can shake everything, including your mind as well.

If you decide to go and try on this hairstyle then congratulations in advance. Honestly, it is going to look nice if you choose the perfect style based on your face shape.

Try to get this haircut from a skilled barber and enjoy what you want with your hair.

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