Colossal Titan: Can We See The Real Power of This Titan In Attack on Titan Season 4?

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Among different Titans in Attack on Titan, Colossal Titan draws everyone’s attention from the beginning. Do you remember how the series began when people of Shiganshina weren’t expecting disaster and lost their homes?

Only Protagonists knew Titan could break into the wall and Colossal one appeared in this story. Colossal Titan is one of these Nine Titans in the Japanese Dark Fantasy Series Named Attack on Titan and is known as one of the strongest but primary antagonists.

This most recognizable Titan is an interesting character and you can learn more about it from this article. Let’s discuss it more.

What Is Colossal Titan?

If you are a fan of Attacks on Titan then you must know about the Nine Titans. Among them, only Titans (Beast and Colossal) rule the story.

In the first three seasons, all the Titans are treated as the primary antagonist. Like the beast Titan, Colossal one was notable for many reasons. Its massive size and controlled emitted steam make it important for the story.

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Even its power of the blast and its transformation has always been a jaw-dropping situation. But this Titan was possessed by different humans and this time it’s currently in the possession of Armin Arlelt.

Picture: Colossal Titan
Picture: Colossal Titan

What about The Unique Transformation?

Most of the time we love to see the transformation of Nine Titans. It’s fun to experience. The moment we love when fans’ favorite character is biting themselves and a bolt of lightning strikes down.

After the transformation, we knew something would happen, maybe a battle. But the transformation of Colossal Titan is different from the other transformation. It has more impact.

Most of the transformation results in an explosion that can kill most of the living things around it. Sometimes it kills the opponent before the battle.

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The good thing is, the power of this Titan can be controlled and it is easy to decide how much power needs to be used.

How Does This Titan Use Steam to Fight?

Only a few Titans have the capacity to change the transformation. Because of such capacity, all these Titans also can use steam to fight. Colossal one is just like that.

Do you notice the neck of this Titan? No one can reach there. If anyone gets close to it, then the power of steam can knock down the enemy.

You can imagine how powerful the steam really is. In the whole series, this Titan uses this steam many times.

Titan can release steam
Picture: Titan can release steam

Is Berthholdt Hoover a Colossal Titan?

Do you know Bethholdt Hoover in Attack on Titan? He is an Eldian. We saw him join Marley’s Warrior Unit. After joining the unit, he dreamed of being a Marleyan (honorable warrior). But he changed his mind after knowing about the 104th Cadet Corps.

He befriended some members of this cadet corps. Not only that, this favorite character has homesickness and we see how loyal he is to his home.

After a while, we discovered he can transform into a Colossal Titan. In a short time, Berthholdt Hoover becomes a master of this Titan, and the ability as well.

Bertholdt Hoover can transform into a Titan
Picture: Bertholdt Hoover can transform into a Titan

Are There Other Colossal Titans?

Yes, there are other Titan (Colossal) in this anime series. You already saw the three walls are protecting the Paradis from the rest of the world.

Karl Frits used founding Titan to create all these three walls and he controlled other Titans (Colossal). This control over Titan was needed because Harden himself remains still.

Most of the dwellers of Paradis don’t know that they were getting protected from the Titan. Still, they think that all these giant creatures are a threat and will kill them if the wall breaks.

Is A Colossal Titan the Biggest Titan in This Series?

No, this Titan is not the biggest one but from the beginning it was. Let me explain. This Titan was the largest one we know of every Titan shifter but the story drove us to another way.

As the story progressed we found the biggest Titan. In the biggest chapter of Manga, we are getting lots of twists. Eren’s transformation is one of them.

This new form is for a Titan that is also larger than the Rod Reiss. If you compare the new form (Titan Form) of Eren’s then Colossal Titan will look like an average person.

When Can We See The True Power of The Colossal Titan?

We don’t need to wait too long to find the true power of this Titan. Season 4 of Attack on Titan reveals what a Colossal Titan Got. In Season 4, Armin’s Titan (Colossal) makes its debut.

Here, we can see the true power of the transformation that is not only jaw-dropping but also horrifying. When we talk about the Titan, then the image of one Titan comes to mind and that is Colossal Titan.

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Despite Season 4 establishing a horrifying transformation, this Titan still is a synonym of Attack on Titan from the day of its debut.

We know Bertholdt for this Titan. Under his control, this titan always impressed us visually. But the truth is, it doesn’t have the potential that we always wanted from a Titan.

Bethholdt only transforms partially to kick a door in and keep enemies away using steam defense. He only fully transforms during the battle of Shiganshina and causes mass destruction that we can see in Attack on Titan season 4.

 Titan can fight
Picture: Titan can fight


We know Colossal Titan from the very first episode of Attack on Titan, which is almost 60 meters high and larger than the other titans. The size gives an extra benefit to this Titan and helps to unleash unique abilities.

That’s how it can use the amount of heat and energy and we saw such things when it transformed. Sometimes this heat and energy were controlled by the Titan for the purpose of creating large explosions.

Most of the time this Titan uses this heat expelled to deter enemies from getting close. As the series continues we learn more about this Titan.

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