Considering Online, Remote PC Repair? Read This First

By Akudo McGee 6 Min Read

Remote PC repair can be a convenience to busy consumers everywhere. It doesn’t require time-consuming trips to a repair shop and offers personalized solutions. As consumers rely on computers for everyday tasks, computers are becoming integral in every home. Likewise, good repair services are also essential.

What is Remote PC Repair?

Remote repair options are a popular option when it comes to PC repairs. They involve special software unique to the repair needs of each PC. Remote repair works in the same way remote controlling of computers does. After downloading special software, a technician can control and repair a computer. Therefore, there’s no need for a technician to come in person to repair PCs or for consumers to drop off PCs for repair.

This method of repair is more convenient for consumers. Above all, consumers maintain ultimate control of their computers. Consumers may watch as technicians do the repairs or disconnect technicians from the repair session. PC problems are diagnosed on the website of the repair company. For these reasons, it’s a huge convenience for consumers and businesses.

Users typically chat with technicians online. After the chat and a remote review of the computer, technicians can determine the issues with the PC and some courses of action. Remote computer repair functions similarly to chatting with a doctor by video or phone for a diagnosis or prescription recommendation.

Considering Online, Remote PC Repair? Read This First

When is Remote PC Repair Worth It?

Remote repair is a convenient option for just about anyone. Above all, it’s helpful for businesses that have multiple, large PCs to repair. It’s also helpful for working professionals with no time to bring PCs in for repair. Similar services may allow users to call in and receive assistance by phone. However, for those not computer savvy, this can be a frustrating and confusing experience.

Anyone tired of or concerned about errors and warning messages or virus notices is a good candidate for remote PC repair. Users concerned about physical issues, like, a cracked screen, would rather opt for in-person repairs. Similarly, hardware issues require in-person visits.

How to Choose the Best Remote PC Repair Service

Since remote repair requires control over a user’s computer, it’s important that consumers select trustworthy businesses. The first goal should be determining if a company is legitimate and legal. A legitimate company won’t appear as a popup on a user’s computer, especially if users never purchased or used their services in the past. They also usually don’t ask for large payments upfront before doing work.

After users are satisfied that their company of choice is legitimate, they should check their reviews. Useful reviews will be those posted on reputable review websites and by reputable papers. The New Jersey-based remote repair company Boxaid is a good example. Once reviewed
by the Wall Street Journal, their ratings, transparent services, and good business standing are important factors to consider. Boxaid has high BBB ratings and hundreds of independent reviews.

The best thing about Boxaid is your computer is fixed within a few hours and you are back to your day.

When comparing services, users should consider the time, cost, and extent of repair work. They should also think about how well the technician explained their problem and proper maintenance and how extensively their concerns were reviewed before they were quoted a price and plan.

What Makes Boxaid Better?

The Wall Street Journal review of Boxaid’s services presents several positives. Firstly, Boxaid is affordable, with a max fee of $89.95. Most noteworthy, Boxaid doesn’t have a monthly like many of its competitors. Price and repair recommendations proceeded only after the technician heard and fully understood the reviewer’s concerns and issues.

Boxaid quoted the reviewer a one-time price of $30 to $90. Their services were virus removal, increasing computer speed, software setup, and file back-up. In contrast, competitors tended to charge more and some of their services were lacking.

Boxaid’s 100% money back guarantee moreover assures that users are satisfied. Furthermore, Boxaid doesn’t ask for upfront payments so users avoid paying for services that didn’t work or that they didn’t need.

Gone are the days of packing up your computer or laptop and driving to your local computer repair store.

In addition, all Boxaid employees are based in the United States. This puts an end to language barriers and employs Americans instead of outsourcing jobs. Users can pay through their Paypal accounts. This makes payments more secure because users’ account details aren’t stored by Boxaid. Next time a virus message appears or PCs run slow, users should consider remote repair and what better place to start than with Boxaid?

Considering Online, Remote PC Repair? Read This First

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