Customize Your QR Code and Track Data

By Akudo McGee 5 Min Read

Any business-savvy startup or company knows the value of on-demand products. Apps, websites and QR codes allow users to instantly use services. QR codes are especially useful when it comes to marketing. For that reason, we’re talking about QRZebra today.

What is QRZebra?

QRZebra is a QR code generator. It allows companies to create their own custom QR codes. QRZebra matches companies with the latest QR code trends. Using their generator, companies can create custom QR codes that match their URL, WiFi and social media pages. QRZebra is working to become the best QR code generator on the market.

QRZebra was rewarded as one the best QR code generator on the market! Custom QR codes certainly became an important part of smart packaging, O2O marketing, and on marketing campaigns in retail as events.

With QRZebra,  companies can upload their preferred image or logo. After designing their logo, they can link the QR code to their URL. Finally, marketing stats and other data are tracked using blockchain technology. This is a game-changer for marketing campaigns.

Customize Your QR Code and Track Data

Why are QR Codes Important?

One of QRcode zebra’s best offers is their ability to offer companies a QR code generator with logo. For many companies, this makes all the difference in their media campaigns and sales. So what exactly is so important about QR codes?

QR codes (or Quick Response Codes) are special barcodes. Machines can scan them and they include important product and company information. QR codes can store product descriptions, company details, and even payment details. As a result, QR codes have become popular for a number of uses. Everything from checking out groceries to paying for laundry can be done via QR code.

QR codes store all kinds of information in one small space. So far, they’ve been used for purchases, app downloads, and invitations. Finally, QR codes can store password and PIN details. This makes logging into online banking and paying for items seamless. Consequently, company’s can also encrypt them to make them secure.

QR Codes in Marketing

It’s no secret that QR codes are important for marketing. According to QRZebra, brands can use custom QR codes to boost their presence offline. As a result, QRZebra makes it easy for companies to manage their marketing campaigns. First, companies can create their custom logo. This logo can be a graphic code or a custom code with brand colors or shapes.

After this, companies upload their custom details. The content for their codes can be the company’s URL, social media site etc. Companies can customize it to match whatever information they want customers to see when the code is scanned. Once finished, companies will download their custom code and track their marketing data.

Custom QR codes help businesses increase their sales growth. They help users and potential users identify and remember brands. Similarly, they can entice users to scan codes when special messages and deals appear with the codes. A simple message or deal can entice customers into visiting company sites or making a purchase.

More people than ever are using their cell phones. They’re also willing and ready to scan QR codes for discounts, payments and more. Customer QR codes not only generate more leads; they’re proven to increase leads by 30 percent. Due to the explosion of social media, QR code campaigns are even more popular than before.


Customize Your QR Code and Track Data

What Makes QRZebra Special?

Companies easily track their data with QRZebra. They track the details of each marketing campaign. QRZebra lets their clients track details like scan number, location, scan time and device type.

Companies can, therefore, better understand their market. For instance, they can see if most of their clients visit their site on their iPhones or if their products are more popular at a certain time of day. This can help companies change their marketing techniques or product availability based on customer data.

QRZebra is experienced with multinational clients and campaigns of all sizes. Their static QR generator is also free to use. Dynamic QR codes are better at tracking data or if users want to edit their custom codes. While these codes are not free, they are inexpensive. QRZebra’s prices for paid packages provide generous options for a fair price. Their paid plans start at $6. It gives users 12 dynamic QR codes, high-resolution images, and data tracking options.

With companies like QRZebra, boring marketing campaigns will be a thing of the past.

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