Facts You Need To Know About Gildart Jackson:

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Only a few actors have as much fame as Gildart Jackson. This actor enjoys his life of film career differently. On top of that, he established himself as a writer after participating in different films and television shows.

Now, he is roaming in another sector of the media. Yes, he is narrating books and doing some theater plays. This man is full of energy and makes us happy with his work.

Besides his life of fame, he is also a good person, husband, and father. Overall, Gidlart is a person of positivity and motivation.

Today, we are here to share his lifestyle, including the carries in this review. Let’s enjoy it together.

Picture: Gildart is good as the narrator
Picture: Gildart is good as the narrator

What is Gildart Jackson?

As an actor, writer, and audiobook narrator, most people know Gildart Jackson. But he got most popularity only for portraying Gideon in Charmed. Besides, Giles the Butler in 2013 was also another milestone in his acting career.

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Do you remember Whodunnit? Yes, we are talking about the most popular television series. Gildart Jackson also played a significant role in this TV series. As a writer, he shows his skill in lots of remarkable projects.


Scroll down to know more key information about this actor.

Birth NameGildart Jackson
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionActor, Writer, and Narrator
Husband/WifeMelora Hardin
ChildrenRory Jackson and Piper Quincey Jackson
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown

Early Life of Gildart Jackson:

Gildart grew up in Cheltenham. This is a town near Oxford but this town is not his birthplace. He was born in Stroud, England. He attended a local school after moving to Cheltenham.

Later he was admitted to the university and completed his degree in Law. To become a barrister he moved to another city.

After understanding his passion, he moved his focus. He flew to America to fulfill his desire. He was only a 22-year-old boy when he flew to America but it was not an easy task for him to get what he wanted.

He moved around in the US for the next few years. Los Angeles was the place where he stayed and started his career as an entertainment lawyer.

What do You need To Know About Gildart Jackson?

As a most popular actor, fans want to know more about him including his personal life, best work, net worth, etc. We’ve mentioned all the details below.

Gildart’s Net Worth:

Already you know, Gildart has been a popular and successful actor. So, his net worth is also better than the other actors. From different reliable sources, we found lots of authentic financial data of this actor.

According to Google, Forbes, IMDb, Wikipedia we got data about his net worth, salary, and much more information. Now we have his net worth, monthly and yearly salary, primary sources of income, lifestyle, cars, and more.

His net worth is now $3 million. Most of his earnings come from his Yeezy Sneakers. His business also contributes to his overall income. It’s true, his acting career has given him lots of money in the last few years.

After overall calculation, his net worth stands at $5 to 410 million. He has a fortune in his acting career. Since 1990, his net worth has increased.

He also gets some money as a book narrator as well. On the other hand, his wife also has more than $5 million in assets.

Picture: Writing Make Gildart More popular
Picture: Writing Make Gildart More popular

Income As A Writer and Narrator:

Gildart is undoubtedly a skilled writer. He shows his writing skill in several TV shows. In 2009, he got popular as a writer for the movie ‘You”. He was a producer of this movie as well. It was the biggest hit in his career.

On the other hand, he narrated more than 300 books. Here are some audible books and the respective price of Gildart.

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft$31.49
An Accidental Death$24.49
On Eden Street$17.49
Brotherhood (Assassin’s Creed, Book 2)$27.99
The Poison Belt$23.09
We Bought a Zoo$15.48
Zero Footprint$21.31
The White Mists of Power$19.95

Now you can understand how much money he is earning from all these books. Every day, thousands of people listen to all these books. So, this project is very profitable for him.

Picture:  You can listen to audiobooks of Gildart
Picture:  You can listen to audiobooks of Gildart

What About His Marriage Life and Children’s?

Melora Hardin, the Emmy-winning actress is the wife of Gildart. She is most known for her role in the show “The Bold Type”. Since the 1990s they have been together and on June 4, 1997, they finally got married.

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The fun fact is, Gildart wasn’t famous like today he is when he married Melora. At that time, Melora was one of the most famous actresses in the industry.

They have been together for more than two decades. Now they’ve two beautiful daughters. One is Rory Jackson and another one is Piper Quincey Jackson.

The elder one was born in 2001 and the younger one was born in 2005. They also work in the industry. Both Gildart and Hardin are very much protective of their families as well as their love life.

Picture: Melora Hardin
Picture: Melora Hardin

What About His Career?

Gildart did lots of things better in his career. We’ve picked the most popular work of this famous actor and here it is

  • You (2008)
  • Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series (2006)
  • Franklin Charter (2005)
  • Stargate: Atlantis (2004)
  • Charmed (2004)
  • Leave No Trace (2004)
  • The Suite Life On Deck (2009)
  • Hannah Montana Forever (2010)
  • Whodunnit (2013)


Gildart Jackson is a person of entertainment. Yes, he made us happy with this work like acting, narrating, or writing. Among other popular actors, Gildart made his place.

Now we know, The Gildart is the name of performance, fun, intellectual activity. Without any doubt, today’s entertainment world depends on him.

That’s why he is now narrating books as well. People love him in every way. We love to see his movies, TV shows, and his books as well.

From professional life to personal life, this man of dashing personality holds a standard without any controversy. We hope his journey will be more beautiful as an actor and as a person. 

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