Is GIPHY The Best Gif Maker Website On The Web?

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GIPHY has a special place in our hearts because it changes the definition of creating GIFs. Animated GIFs are not only hilarious but deliver the exact message we want to tell as well. The rapidly growing popularity of animated GIFs has led many developers to create platforms.

Now people have options to use these platforms to create their GIFs and send someone they love. At first, we didn’t have the chance to make our animated GIFs as we do now.

Online, there were thousands of GIFs as default choices. But GIF-making websites like GIPHY give us the chance to create and execute our imagination.

That’s why we are interested in talking about GIPHY. Let’s jump into the deep. Trust me, more details are waiting for you.

Is GIPHY The Best Gif Maker Website On The Web?
Picture: GIPHY is the best GIF maker

What Is a GIF?

In 1987, the very first GIF format was introduced by CompuServe. See, it’s older than our imagination. Maybe you don’t know that GIF is just like a still image as we saw in JPEG or PNG format. But what makes GIFs so special? Yes, there is a special feature like creating animated images.

That’s awesome! Isn’t it? But don’t blend the concept of GIFs with videos. It’s not a video at all. Inside a GIF file, there are multiple images just like a flipbook.

Series of images
Picture: Series of images

If you put all the pictures sequentially and flip them you’ll see the magic. It’s like everything is moving in the picture. This is the basic concept of a GIF file.

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Which Are The Best GIF Maker Websites:

Over time, online has become a great way to find different GIF maker websites. Take a quick look at some popular GIF maker websites.

  1. GIF maker by GIPHY
  3. And then I was like
  4. Screen to GIF
  5. Record IT
  7. GIF Toaster
  8. GIF Me
  9. Video To GIF – GIF maker

GIPHY: The Best GIF Maker Website

Few GIF maker websites gain popularity in a short time. GIPHY is one of them and won our hearts by offering simple GIF-making methods. But the cool news is, it is treated as a default search engine to find specific GIFs. They enrich their GIF library rapidly and now it’s nearly endless.

Now, we have the option to create GIFs using GIPHY. Its algorithm is designed to let you create GIFs simultaneously. Not only that, your created GIF is so easy to share with your favorite person from this platform. It’s just a matter of a few seconds to share your creation.

No doubt, GIPHY is a straightforward GIF maker website with endless opportunities. It doesn’t matter which platform (YouTube, Vimeo, or GIPHY Links, etc.) you are using to choose the material to create a GIF in GIPHY.

GIPHY let you create GIF from YouTube
Picture: GIPHY let you create GIF from YouTube

Just select it or the portion of the video to create the GIF. Oh, don’t forget to add a caption with your created GIF. It’s also easy to do. See, it’s simple and easier than everything.

GIPHY also offers more features like processing the GIF in a short time, Instant upload option, direct download, tweaking them using a variety of tools, and many more. That’s why it became a powerful tool that is worth checking out.

Homepage of GIPHY
Picture: Homepage of GIPHY

Advantages of GIPHY:

GIPHY is just like a mini world for GIF makers. It’s full of opportunities and benefits. Some of them are explained below.

  • At first, it’s a platform that is independent in every way like you can use through any operating system. You just need to open the browser along with an active internet connection.
  • Most of the GIF maker sites show ads but GIPHY doesn’t come with such irritating ads. So, it’s an ad-free site for everyone.
  • A simple interface makes the user more comfortable using GIPHY. It’s simple and easy to operate.
  • It comes with a free cloud storage facility. After creating your GIF, just upload it and share it from there.
  • To make your GIF more appealing, you can use filters, text, and special effects, even free draw.

What We Didn’t Like About GIPHY:

  • For every type of user, GIPHY asks for registration. After that, one can enjoy all the benefits of this website. Once you register in GIPHY, then you need to log in every time to use GIPHY with your ID and password.

Which Features Make GIPHY Best GIF Maker?

Let’s come to the main point. GIPHY became popular only for its jam-packed features. Here are its key features below.

  • Easy to convert images (Series of Images) into GIF
  • Let the user use MP4 or MOV video files into GIFs.
  • Allow converting images (JPG and PNG) into stickers in hassle-free ways.
  • Can convert the material from direct URL, local storage, or other websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.
  • Equipped with a custom virtual background tool that helps to spice up video calls.
  • Easy to convert specific sections of a video into an animated GIF.
  • Comes with the Preview option to find out the actual output quality of the GIF.
  • Let the user use the video trimming option to put the GIF in the right time duration.
  • Allow using filters, free draw tools, stickers, and many more.
  • Offers free cloud storage to upload GIFs.
  • Give the user more controlling power to access the GIF for sharing like making it public or private.
  • Allow the user to share the GIF directly using direct sharing options.


After reading all the details I shared, we concluded that GIPHY is a reliable, fast, easy to use GIF maker website in this era. GIPHY just changed the meaning of creating and sharing awe-inspiring GIFs all over the internet.

Now you can decide, why GIPHY became the best GIF maker website and how it lets you create GIFs from scratch. It works diligently only for its tons of features. No other GIF maker website can give you more freedom like GIPHY does to create your GIF with extra and special features and captivating presentation. That’s why GIPHY became my personal favorite that drove me to share my feelings with you.

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