How does the iOS App Fitcoin Work? (Is It Legit?)

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What will be your feeling if I’ll say that keeping yourself fit can earn you money? I know it sounds a little unreal, but the truth is this is how does Fitcoin work. It is quite depressing when you see that your body is not supporting to do any specific job. Indeed, fitness is something that we want to have within our control. Technological advancement opened up an era to make our dream come true.

Nowadays, we know much distance we’ve crossed by walking, our blood pressure rate, pulse and many more. A smartphone like the iPhone has made it easier than ever. There is apple Health which helps us to monitor our health condition.

How does Fitcoin Work to Make Your Pocket Heavier?

But what if I’ll say that burning your calories can allow you to get some money like virtual currency or cryptocurrency like the Fitcoin? Yes, it’s true. But most of the people do not know how does Fitcoin work.

Let’s see how I can help you. Here are better explanations given below that helps you to know more about it.

The Fitcoin

Did you know about the cryptocurrency? Fitcoin is also a version of cryptocurrency. But the basic difference and character of this currency are you can earn it by working out. It’s a new type of currency in the market.  

It will be generated by using Fitcoin app. The main role here will be played by the fitness tracker of your mobile. It will help you to get more cryptocurrency which is generated by the power that is indicated by the tracker. It’s as simple as you think.

This app is designed to push you harder to get fit. All this app need is the data. First of all, it will analyze every data received from the tracker and get how much effort you are giving to yourself.

It can track down every data in an exact way that indicates about the calorie-burning activity. Just make sure you are doing a great job. So, now it’s time to hit the gym. Burn more and more calories and get paid more and more. It’s kind of a win-win game.

how does fitcoin work IN FITCOIN App
Picture: Fitcoin App

Step to Know

There are some formalities you need to do like making a floor for the dance. 

  • If you do not have any kind of account for bitcoin, then open one.
  • The Fitcoin iOS app will be available for you to download. Get the app.
  • There are a few basic information you are required to provide for the data of the app. Sync your fitness tracker.
  • Do your necessary workout
  • The device will record every data (Length and level of activity) that is required needed for the app.
  • Now the algorithm will start to calculate the data and identify how much energy you are generating during the workout.
  • The converting process will begin and turn into bitcoin.

About Algorithm

Every app has its algorithm to function, well, in its way. This app comes in a different way to serve the purpose. Fitcoin also has a different kind of algorithm which is also known as a calibrated algorithm.

This app is only focusing on the payout. It has to be because it is designed to do that. Maybe you are still thinking about how it happens and how it turned your effort into a value. So, here is the answer.

Fitcoin app can measure every activity of your body like the heart rate (Average), pace and distance. All these things are countable. As a result, your counted activity just needs a stimulator to convert it into a value. In this case, it comes as a Fitcoin.

How does the iOS App Fitcoin Work? (Is It Legit?)
Picture: Fitcoin App

About the Payment

If you know about the bitcoin, then it will be easier to understand how Fitcoin works. The total value of the Fitcoin is the equal value of the Bitcoin. It is the only earning added to your bitcoin wallet, which is generated by your workout. The process starts with the measurement of your workout. This app identifies intensity and length. Then the CPU can play the role of a translator which can turn the value into a currency. But every value has a limit.

How much you will get paid for your workout by Fitcoin? Let’s estimate some. As an example, I can mention about the practical experience of cryptocurrency designers named Grant Nicole. He went for a test run and continued it for almost four minutes. So he got 5 cents as a reward.

This paying method is focused on large fitness companies that can easily monitor and adapt to the value. This Fitcoin seems a new cryptocurrency that is going to be popular at any moment after running this app worldwide.

By using this cryptocurrency, a customer can avail of various types of products in the future. But it’s a continuous process. Maybe some companies will offer various types of discount and bargaining power to those customers who will avail of this kind of cryptocurrency and the only way to use the Fitcoin apps. You will be rewarded according to your workout.

But one thing you should keep in mind is this app is not still fully functional. The developer of this app is still working on it. There are lots of issues need to be fixed as early as possible to make it functional.

The Goal

The basic idea is exceptional in the Fitcoin app. But the goal stands upon our health issues. People are indeed suffering various types of health issues worldwide, which can be monitored and fixed. This app becomes a good tool to do the job. To ensure a healthier lifestyle this app will work smoothly with some reward.

How does the iOS App Fitcoin Work? (Is It Legit?)
Picture: Workout Image

Final Words

Nowadays, doing workout became something worth enjoying for people. It not only helps people to get fit but also a great time to spend to achieve some success. When you have an iPhone and fitness tracker, then get some more from your workout session. There are Fitcoin apps to make your workout valuable.

The more you burn, the more you earn.  This is how does Fitcoin work! Nothing more you need to do without the workout. The Fitcoin cryptocurrency will be the things that you can spend to buy other things where Fitcoin is accepted.

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