How To Connect Airpods To Windows 10 Desktops & Laptops:

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Most of the apple product lovers don’t know how to connect AirPods to Windows 10. We know that Apple offers its products with different characteristics. After launching AirPods in 2016, it reaches the hypes as one of the best devices for listening to songs.

If you have a PC that runs Windows 10 then this most desired accessories can be connected within a few seconds. It works great with Windows 10 operating systems on any machine, especially desktop and laptop.

Follow this guideline from our expert to find out the easiest tips to connect Apple AirPods in Windows 10.

Apple AirPods: Learn How To Install In A Few Quick Steps

AirPods is not only an obvious choice for Apple product lovers but becomes a craze for non-Apple users. So, both users of apple AirPods want to know how to connect AirPods to Windows 10. It is not only a surprising tech from Apple for everyone but dropping the headphone jack as well.

They came out from their traditional headphones to make it more usable and comfortable for users. As a result, it becomes easier to use with different types of devices like desktops, laptops, and many more.

Pairing and using this AirPods in PC is relatively simple and a little bit different too. Just follow the straight forward rules we are going to describe.

how to connect airpods to windows 10
Picture: AirPods

Steps of Connecting AirPods To Windows 10:

To establish a successful connection between Apple’s AirPods and Windows 10, we must cover two scenarios and these are

  1. Pairing AirPods (First-time Connection)
  2. Reconnecting the Airpods

Pairing AirPods in Windows 10:

If you didn’t connect Airpods to your PC ever, then you should follow this step. First of all, you need to keep the earbuds in the case and ensure it both are fully charged. Keep the lid shut.

Check the Bluetooth connectivity, especially if it is pre-built in your device or not. If not, then use a dongle to add it to your system. Without this feature, you aren’t able to connect AirPods to your PC.

  • Go to the windows 10 search bar and type setting. It will guide you to go to the Settings app after selecting it when the suggestions will appear. But there is also a shortcut available to go to Setting apps. Just press Windows Key + I.
  • Now choose the Devices option and a page will pop up named “Bluetooth & other devices”. Now, turn on the Bluetooth option by toggle it. You’ll find it on top of the page.  If it is not flipped then flip it on.
how to connect airpods to windows 10
Picture: Bluetooth & other devices
  • You’ve to add devices by selecting “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. After clicking it, a new menu will pop up for “Add a device”. This option is for the device that you want to pair. Now select Bluetooth.
How To Connect Airpods To Windows 10 Desktops & Laptops:
Picture: Add a device
  • Take your AirPods and open the lid to start the pairing process. Look at the back of the AirPods and hold down the button that looks a circular one. Hold it for around three to eight seconds. When the light (charging light) starts to pulse, lift your finger. Now, look at your computer screen.
How To Connect Airpods To Windows 10 Desktops & Laptops:
Picture: Circular Button
  • After a few seconds, your AirPods will appear on the list. But the name can be different like it can appear as “Headphones. It will happen for the first time. From the next session, it will be named as AirPods. After finding the name you are looking for, Select them.
  • It’ll start to connect and pair with your AirPods. After completing the pairing process a notification will appear saying “Your device is ready to go!”
How To Connect Airpods To Windows 10 Desktops & Laptops:
Picture: Your device is ready to go!

Reconnecting and Disconnecting AirPods:

AirPods are designed to be functional automatically after putting them back in the ears. They are popular for this automatic working feature. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly with a PC. In this case, connect it manually.

To connect it manually you just need to go to the Settings app. Use Windows 10 search bar for that. Now select Devices and scroll down to the audio section. Here you’ll see the option for AirPods and select it.

A prompt will pop up and ask you for permission. Press Connect and your AirPods will start working.

How To Connect Airpods To Windows 10 Desktops & Laptops:
Picture: Connecting AirPods

But you might need to disconnect AirPods if you want to use it for other devices like iPhones, iPad, or Mac. To complete the disconnecting process, just follow these steps I’ve discussed earlier to do it.

After disconnecting the AirPods, you need to connect it manually with your Windows 10 PC, if you want to pair it again.

Solving AirPods Sync Problems:

Sometimes your AirPods will stop working for a few specific reasons that you can fix easily.

Turning off Bluetooth connection from other devices

The AirPods doesn’t work properly when it is connected and paired with other devices like the iPhone. To stop this kind of interference with the connection, you must turn off Bluetooth connection from other devices that are interfering.

Charging case lid

There is a condition you must ensure for connecting AirPods to PC. The charging case’s lid is the thing you need to deal with. When the light of this lid turns into the green after opening it, you’ll be able to connect AirPods to the PC.

The best way to make it functional, keep opening the lid for a few seconds. After that, remove the AirPods to put them on your ears.

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As a best-selling product, Apple ensures versatile use of AirPods. The basic purpose of introducing Airpods is to be used with different Apple devices. Because of versatility, it’s now able to work with your PC which runs in Windows 10.

So, it doesn’t limit the use of the PC user at all. After knowing how to connect AirPods to Windows 10, you will understand it’s not a complicated task to do. Even as a not-tech savvy person, you can do within a few seconds.

If you can’t establish a successful connection of AirPods to your Windows 10 PC, then repeat the process. It’ll pair and make you free from using earphones with wire.

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