How to Get Into Playing Video Games

How to Get Into Playing Video Games

Video games allow us to unlock dream-like worlds that rival our own imaginations, swim in the whimsy of imagery and narrative, embody compelling characters, and gain brand new skills. What’s more, it allows us to connect to our creative minds and use problem-solving and teamwork to achieve our goals.

With all this and much more in store, why wouldn’t you want to play video games?

But with so many avenues in the video game world, and endless games to choose from, how do you start?

How to Get Into Playing Video Games

Lucky for you, this helpful guide is here to take you through the ins and outs of gaming. With our help, you’ll get your foot in the door in no time!

Choose Your Gaming Platform

Getting into gaming is much more than simply sitting in front of a screen and pressing the “On” button. You have endless paths towards the gaming world at your disposal, each with their own benefits—and barriers of entry. 

Before jumping into these virtual lands of whimsy and adventure, you first have to decide which platform you’ll primarily use:

  • Consoles – Console gaming is financially accessible, super simple to use, and easy to set up. Top consoles include the Xbox One, the PlayStation4, and the Nintendo Switch. If you love role-playing games (RPGs) with fantasy, sci-fi, or horror narratives, you will find a happy home in the console gaming world. 
  • PC – While far more expensive than its counterpart, PC gaming offers an unparalleled selection of games, mind-blowing graphics, and endless possibilities. If you really want to commit to this world and experience all that it has to offer, it’s worth it to put the time and effort into PC gaming. 

While other gaming platforms exist—like mobile gaming or virtual reality—these two categories represent the primary schism within the gaming community. However, some gamers will invest in several consoles and a PC gaming setup. If you choose not to choose, just make sure you account for the financial investment you’ll have to make to get the best of both worlds.

Hone Your Skill Set

As the age-old adage goes, practice makes perfect. This precious piece of wisdom teaches us that dedicating time and effort is the only path towards true mastery. What it doesn’t teach us is just how much fun this mastery can be. 

To reap the full benefits of gaming, you have to dedicate tremendous time and effort into the craft. As the other age-old adage (and hit 1998 song by the New Radicals) goes, you get what you give

By spending a few hours every week—or day—on your favorite games, you’ll have everything that it takes to have a great time, impress your friends, and maybe even build a personal brand.  

How to Get Into Playing Video Games

Design a Gaming Setup to Rule Them All

One of the most individual and creative parts of any avid gamer’s lifestyle is their gaming setup. While a console and controller (or PC and monitor) will suffice, crafting a custom setup allows you to express your unique personality and surround yourself with the perfect gaming environment. 

Long-time gamers the world over have impressed and shocked fellow connoisseurs with their high-tech, vibrant setups. While it may take some time to deck-out your setup in the same way, here are some basic components to get you on your way:

  • A Solid Computer – Not all computers are the same, especially when it comes to gaming. PC gaming requires an enormous amount of memory, processing power, and graphics features to support the breathtaking images and thrilling experiences videogames offer. That’s why proper gaming desktops are the singular most important part of any gaming setup. Without them, Solitaire might be your only option.
  • A Headset – Gaming headsets allow users to stay connected with their friends (or opponents) and immerse themselves more intensely in their virtual environment. These should have crisp audio, deep bass, and sit comfortably on your head.
  • Comfy Seating – If you want to dominate digital realms and rule over electronic empires, you’ll need the throne to match. A proper gaming recliner or chair will give you the comfort and confidence you need to get to the next level.
  • The Right Mouse and Keyboard – If you’re really serious about gaming, be sure to invest in a dedicated mouse and keyboard for the craft. They should be ergonomic, stylish, and robust, built for endless hours of troll-fighting, alien-blasting fun. 

Remember to Have Fun!

Ultimately, gaming is all about connecting with friends old and new, opening your mind up to new worlds, and enjoying the unfolding narratives that captivate so many in this bustling community. Whether you’re a lucrative streamer, a casual player, or an aspiring creator, don’t forget the most important part of this whole process: having fun.

Now strap on that headset and get gaming!


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