How To Screenshot On HP Laptop In Window 7, 8 and 10

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Using a screenshot is the easiest method if you know how to screenshot on HP laptop to save or share what you want. Lots of users don’t know which is the easiest method to take it. Taking a screenshot becomes important, especially when you are browsing the internet and got some interesting information.

As a unique and handy tool, it allows the user to capture the image instantly from your computer screen. So, grab the moment that you want. On your HP laptop, you can apply different methods to do that.

Find out which way is most suitable for you to take a screenshot from this review.

Screenshot on HP Laptop: Know The Best Way To Take It

HP Laptops are the most popular devices to use. You must know how to screenshot on the HP laptop if you want to capture exciting moments and share it with others. The best moment of the game, the actual scenario of the Webpage, the conversation can be captured using this handy tool.

There are several ways to do that, but we are going to introduce you to three useful ways. Have a glance over these three methods.

how to screenshot on hp laptop
Picture: PrtSc Button on HP Laptop

Using PrtSC, PrntScrn, Print SCR

As an HP laptop user, you can use lots of unexpected functions using keyboard shortcuts. Using those keys, you can easily and quickly screenshot. You should know that button on HP laptops that allow you to take a screenshot labeled as PrtSc, PrntScrn, and Print Scr.

This button is usually located in the upper right on your keyboard. With the help of this button, you can take an instant screenshot. After taking it, go to the screenshot folder where the screenshot will save automatically.

It’s also easy to take screenshots and paste anywhere on the PC. Even it allows us to take a certain part of the screen using keyboard shortcuts. Here is the keyboard combination to try.

  • Windows logo key + PrtScn
  • Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScn
  • Windows Logo Key + Fn + PrtScn

You screen dims for a moment after taking the screenshot. This is the signal that the screen has been captured. In different Windows versions, you need to adopt different methods to save a screenshot. If you are a Windows 7 user in HP laptop, then you need to use Paint or Word to save your captured image.

Just press the “PrtScn” key to take a screenshot. It will copy the image to the clipboard. Windows 8 or 10 users don’t need to do that, because it automatically saves as a file. Usually, it saves on default Pictures folder > Screenshots.

Remember that, according to the model of HP laptop you may need to press “Alt + Fn + PrtScn” keys.

how to screenshot on hp laptop
Picture: Alt + PrtSc Keyboard Shortcut

Another way to capture a screenshot is by using the shortcut “Alt +PrtScn”. It will capture and store this image in the clipboard and allow the user to past in any place as they like.

how to screenshot on hp laptop
Picture: Alt + FN + PrtSc Keyboard Shortcut

To capture a certain part of the window or screen you can also press “Windows + Shift + S” if you are using the HP computer under Windows 10 versions. After pressing the command, the screen of your PC appears grayed.

You’ll notice that the mouse cursor will be turned into a cross cursor. Now click and drag the cursor to select the part of the window of your screen.

The selected portion will be taken as a screenshot and copied to your clipboard. Save it wherever you want.

how to screenshot on hp laptop
Picture: Windows + Shift + S Keyboard Shortcut

Take Screenshot Using Snipping Tool

We are talking about another powerful tool for taking a screenshot. Lots of users know about this tool that not only helps to take a screenshot but allows them to capture customized areas of the entire screen.

After capturing it, you can easily save the image as a PNG, GIF, JPEG, and HTML file. Let’s see how to complete all the steps to take a screenshot.

  • First, open the run prompt and type snipping tool, then enter Ok. It will guide you to the interface of the snipping tool.
  • There are a few dropdown buttons you’ll see. Click next to the ‘New’ option. It’s for getting more options to choose the type of screenshot to capture.
How To Screenshot On HP Laptop In Window 7, 8 and 10
Picture: Snipping Tool
  • ‘Delay’ option next to the ‘New’ option is for setting the time to when to start capturing. For better feedback choose 0.
How To Screenshot On HP Laptop In Window 7, 8 and 10
Picture: Delay Option
  • After capturing the screen, you’ll get different types of tools to edit the image. Just edit it if you want and save it.

Using Screen Recorder

To take a screenshot you can use a screen recorder application on your HP Laptop. FonePaw Screen Recorder is one of these applications that allows the user to take a screenshot. You can easily take a screenshot of a customized area or entire screen as a screenshot.

Not only that, it also has different editing tools to edit your captured image. Let’s see the full procedure of using this screen recorder

  • First of all, download the FonePaw Screen Recorder and install it.
  • Run it, and click on the Screen Capture icon or press Ctrl + Alt + C as a shortcut. This is the third icon on the homepage of this application.
how to screenshot on hp laptop
Picture: FonePaw Screen Recorder Homepage

After getting the cross cursor, you’ll be able to select the area of the screen to take a screenshot. Editing toolbar options will pop up when you complete the selection process. Edit it as your need.

How To Screenshot On HP Laptop In Window 7, 8 and 10
Picture: Screenshot Editing Tools

This Screen Recorder also has a different button to use your screenshot in different ways. You can copy, save as different file formats (PNG, GIF, etc), Capturing full screen, and last the Pin to Screen (Capture and pin the webpage).

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The way you want to use to take a screenshot on your HP laptop depends on your requirement. You must know how to screenshot on HP laptop using different methods. Using the basic method is the best way if you want to take just a simple screenshot. But the basic method doesn’t allow the user to customize the screenshot to fulfill different types of needs.

So, Applications for taking a screenshot have more functions to customize the captured screen. You can edit, upload, and share from a single platform. The choice is yours.

All the methods I’ve discussed are simple and easy for everyone to use. To make your job more flexible, take the screenshot from your laptop whenever you want.

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