HP Ultrabooks: The Best Next-Gen Laptop Series We’ve Seen

By Marjia Ahmed 9 Min Read

Everyone will admit that HP Ultrabooks are the definition of balanced style and performance. This laptop series is the right option for people of taste.

It gives a strong punch in the competition of the laptop segment out there. Not only for the performance, but it is a cost-effective option as well. This portable option is tagged for solid performance and feature-rich hardware.

In the HP lineup, Ultrabook was a great addition as a budget killer powerhouse. To handle computer-related needs, an Ultrabook could be your best companion at your home or office. Let’s find more details about this fantastic machine.

Picture: HP Ultrabook
Picture: HP Ultrabook

What Are HP Ultrabooks?

Nowadays, computers are getting much stronger and slimmer. We are using the desktop to laptop in many ways and in many cases.

Following the trend, there is another series of next-generation laptops that comes with better features and designs. Most of the Ultrabooks are lighter and thinner than contemporary laptops.

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HP takes a step to offer such types of next-gen laptop that also ensures high functionality and portability. As a result, we’ve HP Ultrabooks.

Now it becomes a strong choice for laptop users. Undoubtedly, the HP Ultrabook is a great example of improvements in PC technology. It is considered a cost-effective powerhouse for everyone.

Picture: HP
Picture: HP

What are the Best HP Ultrabooks?

After enjoying the initial success, HP started to focus more on developing Ultrabooks. This powerhouse is getting better and better day by day.

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Now, HP has different types of Ultrabooks with different designs and specifications. So, which one should be your choice? The definition is not yet ready for everyone because the rapid change of technology makes Ultrabooks stronger day today.

Still, we have some beautifully designed Ultrabooks that are ruling the laptop world right now. Here is the list of some best options for the HP Ultrabook.

  • HP ENVY 13-inch laptop
  • HP ENVY x360 convertible laptop
  • HP Spectre x360 convertible laptop
  • HP EliteBook 850 G5 business laptop
  • HP ZBook 14u and 15u laptop workstations

All the options we’ve mentioned as Ultrabooks come with high-quality Hardware configuration. Not only that, but the design is also better. Yes, they are slim and featherweight builds.

For the best combination of performance and design, these options could be your ultimate choice.

Why is the HP Ultrabook the Best in Business?

It’s hard to identify the actual differences between laptops and HP Ultrabooks. Still, there are keen differences we’ve found that might be a matter to check before choosing the Ultrabook as an option.

Ultrabooks from HP really compromised in different ways like sacrificing DVD drives to reduce weight or size. Here are the key differences are given below.


From the first point of view, you can differentiate an Ultrabook with design. The laptop design influences the user a lot more than the performance. It is the initial impression.

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Ultrabook is thinner even if it is available in less than 0.8 inches or 20mm. Some Ultrabooks from HP are getting even slimmer.

As you see the HP Spectre then you’ll notice that this device is called an ultrathin Ultrabook which is 10.4 mm. Could you believe it, it is less than half an inch.


In some cases, the Ultrabook has better battery life than the usual laptops. For long-term performance, the Ultrabook comes with a more powerful battery.


Undoubtedly, the Ultrabook series from HP does not compromise weight. For the size restriction, HP made their Ultrabook much slimmer.

As you know, the Ultrabook is also popular for its smaller display. That means the overall size of the Ultrabook is smaller than the laptop. That’s why the weight also decreased.

Nowadays, the small display of the HP Ultrabook is no longer an issue. Most of the Ultrabooks from HP weigh around 4 lbs or less.

No CD or DVD Drive

It’s true these Ultrabooks are the best in performance and got better benchmark ratings. But these devices sacrifice lots of traditional but popular features of the laptops. A CD or DVD drive is one of these.

HP didn’t include any of these features in their Ultrabook lineup. Maybe you can use an external DVD drive as a solution, but getting one with an Ultrabook is not an option for the user.

Picture: Ultrabook is a next-gen version of a laptop
Picture: Ultrabook is a next-gen version of a laptop

What Are The Similarities of HP Ultrabook With Other Laptops?

There is no confusion about that, Ultrabook is a special breed of laptops. That means, we can find different types of similarities because sometimes, an Ultrabook works like a regular laptop or notebook.

Ultrabook is an established class for laptop users. In general, the Ultrabook follows a common trail of laptops like the shape and form. The Ultrabook has a screen, keyboard, hardware, ports like a regular laptop has. Even its functions in the same way.

So, you can easily complete tasks and run all the applications in an Ultrabook that you need to run a laptop. Ultrabook is a complete package that is a thinner, more powerful, and longer-lasting version of a laptop.

Picture: Ultrabook is now a better alternative to a laptop
Picture: Ultrabook is now a better alternative to a laptop

What Are The Reasons To Choose HP Ultrabook?

Before choosing a laptop a person must take their needs and desires into consideration. It’s also true for the HP Ultrabook. Here are some reasons we’ve found to choose HP Ultrabook for you.

  • HP is a reputable name. When you buy an Ultrabook from a reputable name like this one, then it becomes another name of the trust.
  • As a market leader, HP is doing better in the laptop segment. So, people want to buy their devices from such leaders.
  • Comparing the ultrabook design from other brands, HP is offering Ultrabooks with the most attractive and best design.
  • The HP Ultrabook is not only another version of an upgraded laptop but also the name of a computer that is made for everyone.


HP Ultrabook is a pride for the users. As technology advances, the Ultrabook is getting stronger in both hardware and performance.

Still, this compact-sized upgraded version of the laptop is a budget killer option for many people. From home to office, now everywhere we found this beautifully designed device that also becomes a better companion for our daily computing needs.

We have the option to choose our best Ultrabook from HP. Yes, this portable device makes our life easier than before. We always wanted such a device that is not only powerful but lets us spend money for a better device like HP Ultrabooks.

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