How Does The Multi Channel Home Theatre System Change The Experience of Watching TV?

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

Nowadays, multi channel home theatre lets you enjoy the ultimate viewing experience while watching TV. Yes! It’s true.

Without a good speaker system, it is hardly possible to concentrate on watching TV or movies. Today, sound quality is equally important as video quality.

It can change the whole environment of the entertainment system. With the best setup of a home theatre system, it is very much possible.

The multi-channel home theatre comes with two things. One is the number of speakers and another one is the setup of an audio channel in your entire room. 

The mechanism of such a theatre system is simple but not easy to understand unless you read this article.

What Is A Multi Channel Home Theatre?

Most people have ideas about home theatre systems but what about multi channel home theatre systems?

Most of the time, people say. Up to 5:1 should be called a high-end multi-channel home theatre system. The idea of home theatre is now changing.

It now comes with a combination of any audio and video channel from a different source that works at once. This type of setup is called home theatre because it is used in movie theatres.

What Are The Key Components of a Multi-Channel Home Theatre System?

The idea of a home theatre system comes with a multi-channel speaker system. All these channels let you enjoy surround sound effects.

That means it’s a complete setup of a few components that can convert your home into a mini theatre. Let’s find out all these key components below.

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The home theatre system has a central unit called the receiver. From the name, it’s easy to guess what the function of this unit is. It’s always connected with the input source like TV.

One more thing, this central unit connects with the output device as well. Its technical name is an audio-video receiver (AV receiver).

Some latest models of home theatre come with a built-in receiver that can enhance the input audio and deliver powerful output.


Wait! The display device is not just your TV. The display unit of the home theatre is a separate component. Maybe it is a projector to project the video on the screen.


You can’t imagine a home theatre system without speakers. The question is how many speakers do you need to feel like home theatre?

If you are thinking about the soundbar as part of the home theatre system then you’re wrong. Because it cannot create the same effect as a multichannel system can.

As the best combination of speakers for home theatre, you can choose 5.1 or 7.1. It also includes other speakers like a central, front, and rear speaker with a subwoofer. But it’s all about positioning all these speakers to get the best effect.

Picture: 5.1 Surround Sound
Picture: 5.1 Surround Sound

Room Acoustics

Home theatre will work best when the position of your room and its environment is best. Sometimes you need to set the whole environment with new ideas to get the best effect from the home theatre.

Maybe you need to arrange the furniture or remove the clutter. Most of the time these things are an obstacle to getting proper sound. The waves of the sound shouldn’t be blocked by anything.

For a better base, set the subwoofer on the floor. Put the central unit close to the TV. What about the front speaker? Place it just beside the TV. On the opposite side of the room place the back speaker. That’s it!

Picture: Enjoy movies in your mini multi channel home theatre
Picture: Enjoy movies in your mini home theatre

How Many Types of Multi-Channel Home Theatre Systems Are Available?

This type of home theatre system comes with different types and models. It can be categorized by its characteristics. So, what are the common types? Have a glance at them below.

3.1 Multi-Channel Home Theatre System

This system comes with a right, a left, and a center channel including a subwoofer. You need to place the speakers on your right and left sides. In front of the display screen, place the center speaker.

5.1 Multi-Channel Home Theatre System

This type of theatre system comes with a common setup like five channels and a subwoofer.

Picture: 5.1 multi channel home theatre
Picture: 5.1 multi-channel home theatre

6.1 Multi-Channel Home Theatre System

If you need an upgraded version of the home theatre system, then this one’s for you. It’s a bit better than 5.1. The extra one is the surround back speaker for a more detailed and defined sound effect.

7.1 Multi-Channel Home Theatre System

It’s a popular sound system configuration with additional surround-back speakers for more precise sound effects.

10.1 Multi-Channel Home Theatre System

This is the most advanced configuration for a home theatre system.  It comes with a double subwoofer, seven front channels, ceiling speakers, center speakers, three surround channels, and two LFE channels for bass reproduction.

 10.1 multi-channel speaker setup diagram
Picture: 10.1 multi-channel speaker setup

What Do You Need To Consider To Buy The Best Multi Channel Home Theatre?

You need to check some facts before buying the best multi-channel home theatre. Let’s find out what these facts are below.

Audio Channels

The first thing is to ensure how many audio channels the model is offered. Most people prefer a 5.1 channel surround sound output.

Peak Power

Home theatre lovers love to make it as loud as possible. That means the performance should be better in action. That’s why check the peak power rating. Most of them come with 800 watts and they can raise to 1200 watts.

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Driver Size

For great audio quality check its driver size. Larger drivers like 6 inches or 8 inches can offer better sound quality.


Multi channel home theatre system should be part of your plan if you want to upgrade your TV or movie-watching experience. It lets you enjoy a highly immersive audio experience.

Always try to go for the perfect one. People love it and want to buy it and it’s all about boosting the way of entertainment.

Forget about your two tiny speakers and get this beast. It will let you feel the actual theatre experience. Home theatre has a single purpose and that ensures a whole new level of watching and listening experience.

Maybe it’s a pricey investment for you but the result you’ll get from it is just outstanding.

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