What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

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If you have an Android device, then the process will be easier to get all the news as you want. Just get the news app best in the play store.

We are living in an era where we don’t need to go to the world because the world now comes to us just with a touch of our thumb. Yeah, I am talking about knowing everything going around the globe. The only way to get the news and information is to reach the different sources at once. There are lots of people who are news addict but cannot find the exact one among the tons of headlines and content. They’re often blocking the way while you are looking for news or trying to read one.

6 Best News Apps For Android Phones And Their Features:

There are lots of alternatives for such apps. But picking the best one will give you a better experience over here. Here I am going to tell you about some of the best and top-rated news apps that will get you enough idea about choosing the right one for you. 

Google News

This one doesn’t need much of an introduction, though, as it is among the most popular ones. This app is one of the best that can deliver all the relevant news as you want. To save your preferences this app uses artificial intelligence techniques which also known as A.I.

This app also monitors your activity in Google platform that helps to personalize the news list. So, you will get the right news at the right time. To show all the headlines and news there is a tab called “For You”. There’s more to it. It will provide all the important and relevant news.

Google news became a great showcase for news. But the technique they applied to deliver the news becomes hard to unfollow the sources. There are four major features of this app. It comes with A.I smart assistant, personalized content, ad-free and last of all, full coverage of news. Following the link, you will find the download option.

What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

Picture: Google News


People are looking for a reliable news app, best at the same time and I am considering Flipboard as one of the best according to its style and aesthetic look. Using this app for news can get you a different feeling.

So, for a newsreader who doesn’t only love to read the news, but also love the cool interface, then this app is the best choice for him.

Even the navigation system can easily handle all the news because it’s designed to show the news as print style page layout. It also has an A.I system which can analyze your choice according to the news you read often.

So, this app can show similar stories to people. The user has enough option to minimize the flow of the news in the app. The custom made magazine option is a good thing. To see fewer stories there are two options called “See less new stories like this” and “Mute Site”. So, it can customize all the news you want. You can get this app from play store.

What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

Picture: Flipboard

Microsoft News

Most of the people know about MSN news. But it is a former name of a great app called Microsoft News. This app is also great to guide and navigate you to the news you want to read.

To get a better experience in news reading, this app is surely a good option. But you are going to need a Microsoft account to access this app. It will get enabled when you will sign up. The unique feature of this app is it can synchronize over other platforms like msn.com or internet edge news fee.

 This app allows you to read the news edition of different countries. You will get this option under the setting tab. So, the question is why you should use this news app. It comes with a night mood option.

The smooth and seamless transition also has made this app better to give you the best experience. To download this app, just click here.

What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

Picture: Microsoft News

BBC News

BBC news is something that doesn’t require any introduction. It is a well know channel which is still determined to present their news, which is not only unbiased but also non-sensational.

There is no doubt about this unbiased news app to be among the best of its kind. With a single tap, you will be able to see all the latest news headlines of almost every country.

This is the one which is also offering live streaming news channel in the app. According to the feed section anyone can choose a different layout to make the experience better. This app gives you more control over it. Changeable notification setting and turning off background synchronizing is one of the best options in this app.

But the bad side of this app is, it has some lackings to provide smooth animations and interactivity. Otherwise, this app is surely one of the best which need your permission in almost every task. If you don’t know how to download it, then click here and get it on your phone.

What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

Picture: BBC News


Everyone loves entertaining and interesting news. To pick, a blend of these two interesting facts goes for the Reddit which is offering such a service. This app is a total package of entertainment because it is a combination of the sector like social media. Even you will get the news aggregator and a message board. There are plenty of topics that can make your day as good as you think.

Sort out the content also fun for the user. Anyone can make a shortlist based on the category like freshness, controversial and popularity. Another interesting feature of this app is you can post, vote, share, and discuss the topic. To know more about this app you can visit Play Store and download it with a single click.   

What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

Picture: Reddit

AP News

Looking for a decent news app for your Android device? Certainly, the AP News is here to fulfill your wishes. Meanwhile, the news source is not only local but also international which picked itself along.

Because, there are indeed thousands of topic and news, but the interface is designed to find out the specific news you are looking for. So, you can find news like sports, travel, technology, entertainment and many more. Finally, to get this awesome news app you can visit Google Play Store.

What’s The Best Top-Rated News App for Android Phones?

Picture: AP News

Final Words

Most of the news apps in the play store are reshaped with unique and essential features. Therefore, it dramatically changes only to make sure the news reading experience is getting better in the easiest ways. Because all these apps are staying tuned with up to date news.

Moreover, anyone can know what is going on around the world with a single click. But this only happens when you know which news app best to serve your purpose. From these free news apps, some are highly promising to get the first place and capable of serving the user better than other news apps.

However, I hope this article was a help for you to get a different timeline and angle to the news and pick the right one with cool features.

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