Offensive Memes: Are They Cool or Not?

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Most of the time memes throw hilarious messages to the audience but what about offensive memes? Hold on, don’t take it wrong. The offensive one is not bad at all.

As you know, a meme that includes a picture is worth a thousand words. People take this method to share their opinion, thinking about other things in a hilarious way. Internet memes are always the best.

Offensive memes are a branch of these memes which have no limits and rules and are used to make some people serious. Sometimes it’s awkward to read these types of memes but in another way, they are best to mean what they want to.

Here is more interesting detail waiting for you about such types of memes.

Offensive Memes: Are They Cool or Not?
Picture: Memes can make your day

What are Offensive Memes?

Most of us know that memes are a multimodal medium. A medium for communicating and delivering a message using the different types of pictures with text as a visual format.

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In most cases, memes are used as a way of having fun. Offensive memes work in the same way as other memes do but in these types of memes, people use photos of people without taking permission and add some text.

Finally, these memes make some audiences uncomfortable because of their dual meaning. Sometimes such memes are not allowed for children, even for college students as well.

Remember, most of the time people use offensive ones to show some aggressiveness with messages.

Example of Offensive Meme:

There are thousands of examples of offensive memes available online. The fact is, some of them got popular and used most of the time by other people to share what they want to say with a meme. Here are some examples of such memes.


“When the ceremonies are over for hours and you remember you didn’t take the baby out of the water after baptism.”

Picture: Meme
Picture: Meme


Doc: I have some news for you

Woman: oh, I don’t wanna know the gender

Doc: haha, well, “It” is not breathing


“When your Spanish speaking friends tell a joke but the punchline is in Spanish so you can’t Jajaja with them”


“When you tell your parents you wanna Batman when you grow up but you realize what must be done”


Friend: Can I ask for your advice on something

Me (have never made a decision that didn’t shit me over four months afterward): Yes absolutely

Biological Father

Father: “Son, you were adopted.”

Son: “What!? I knew it! I want to meet my biological parents!”

Father: “We are your biological parents. Now pack up, the new ones will pick you up in 20 minutes.”

Me vs. Brain

Me: [sees beautiful woman] omg I would do anything to have *** with here

Brain: would you work out & lose weight & get a better job

Me: haha

Brain: haha

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Why Offensive Memes Have the Potential to Be Unhealthy for Society?

A meme spread in a second on different platforms in many ways. It is passed on from user to user. Most of the time people use Instagram, Facebook, or other social platforms to do that.

There is a strong chance to encounter such memes that may be hilarious but represent something that is not supposed to do. Maybe it’s not as simple and funny as we think. It has an impact on our minds.

Maybe you’re thinking all day long after encountering such types of memes. See, I told you it has an impact on the mind. Now think about all these audiences who are not appropriate to see such memes.

We live in this society and there are a large number of audiences that have not passed the criteria yet to read such memes.

As an example, if a meme is thrown to the internet that makes fun of body-shaming, and after watching and reading this meme by people and start to throw the message in the purpose of body shaming then it will be a disaster for the social community.

We don’t want such tragic events in our life.

One Funny Meme Could Be Offensive To Another

The meaning of a meme varies from person to person. Some find memes hilarious and ignore the offensive side and some love the offensive side of the meme rather than the fun facts.

So, all those memes we shared on social media, as well as other platforms, do not carry the same meaning to everyone. It can be different.

Sometimes, a normal meme could be offensive to others and create bizarre situations.

As an example, you might see the “fake geek girl meme”. In this meme, it’s pointed out that girls are not real fans of anime. On the other hand, it also indicates gender. Most of the girls may take this meme as an offensive one.

Picture: People share memes on social media
Picture: People share memes on social media

What is the Actual Point of Offensive Memes?

People actually don’t think too much about the meme. They think that memes of offensive meanings are a presentation of sexist or racist jokes. They also believe such memes break down all the barriers and challenge prejudice but it’s not true at all.

Memes like offensive ones are clearly sensitive in terms of speech, morality, and political correctness.  In research, it’s also found that such memes don’t have any wider implications on society.

Some groups of people still believe it is “as a releaser of existing prejudice and ignorance.”

Teach Your Children That Offensive Memes Aren’t Cool

Aged between 11 and 18, are highly addictive with such types of memes that carry offensive messages. The amount of students that encountered such memes is nearly three-quarters. They share and talk about it in private group chat.

Memes are funny indeed, but offensive ones increase the risk of different issues like racism, sexual safety, and many more things. We need to teach our children and share the facts about such memes. We must say then, memes with offensive messages aren’t really cool.

Offensive Memes: Are They Cool or Not?
Picture: Teach your children about memes


I cannot stop myself from reading all the memes on social media. It’s even hard to avoid reading offensive memes as well. Most of the time, these memes carry a message that is not cool at all.

Maybe we know what is good and what is bad, but what happened to other people who have an impact because of such memes? This is a big question mark for us and our society.

It’s not possible to imply some rules on it. Indeed, it’s true, sometimes such memes make our day as well. But that is not the point or purpose of memes. At the end of the day, all we love is memes.

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