11 Fan Favorite Things At PAX Unplugged

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For the gamer, Pax unplugged becomes heaven. As one of the biggest and the largest tabletop gaming convention, Pax unplugged is the all-time favorite for younger to older. It drags us to keep an eye when the next convention is going to happen.

We love it for plenty of reasons. Yes, there are lots of things that become our favorite to try again and again. Obviously, trying some great game is more than fun.

So, telling which part of this convention is our most favorite is almost impossible. Despite this, we’ve picked a few key favorites that might draw your attention. Let’s discuss it.

The Penny Arcade Expo is known as PAX and drives our thoughts into the future. Pax unplugged lets us feel that we are nearly close to another step of the bright future of the gaming industry.

In 2004, this rapidly growing expo was covered for the first time in history. Everything about this event is related to gaming culture and tells us what we are going to experience in the future. But it became more popular after getting the focus of the gamer only for Tabletop Gaming.

Thousands of board gamers just continued to attend this event. Over 200 exhibitors attend this event. Everyone gets the chance to try different prototypes of gaming which isn’t for sale yet!

This is the future of the gaming industry I’m talking about. Want to know more? Here we go.

Pax Unplugged
Picture: Pax Unplugged

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Every Content of This Event Is for All Ages

This event is for gamers of all ages. So, every game and segment of this show offers good times and fun. Anyone can enjoy games and content with their kids and families.

What’s more, you need from such a show? Gamers and visitors of every age have an appeal to this show.

Pax Unplugged for everyone
Picture: Pax Unplugged for everyone

What Does Everyone Love about Pax Unplugged?

This convention comes with lots of segments with plenty of scopes and fun. Fans love all these parts very much. But telling about all these in detail is not possible. That’s why we make a shortlist to tell what you should catch next.

Exhibit Hall

First of all, we can’t go to tell you about our second favorite without telling you about the exhibit hall. It’s a room that’s packed with lots of surprising things. Here are exhibitors showing what they’ve got for us.

All the latest and blockbuster games are really amazing to play in this exhibit hall. We also have the chance to meet the publishers and developers of these games.

Pax Unplugged Exhibit Hall
Picture: Exhibit Hall


Anyone can enjoy this most beautiful mega-tournament that is full of excitement. It’s best because here almost every game of different platforms and genres are available to play. But everything has an end.

This tournament starts with only 20 omeganauts. They compete against each other and the last 2 survivors will reach the final round. This environment creates hype in the whole event of Pax Unplugged.

Picture: Omegathon


Fans love all the segments of this event. But every tournament of this event draws attention easily. Pax features different tournaments for the gamer.

For the popular game of any genre, the authorities arrange tournaments. Fans love to play, screaming, and enjoying every little moment of all these moments.

Tabletop Freeplay

One of the best parts of Pax Unplugged is tabletop free play. There are hundreds of tables open sitting out there. You’re going to get a library of games. Yes, you heard right.

Thousands of games are ready for you. Fans are getting tired of playing all these games, but the list of the game is not going to end soon.

Tabletop Freeplay
Picture: Tabletop Freeplay

Miniatures Area

Here are terrain tables to test our artistic side. If you love to paint and want to shine the moment with a popular game, this zone is always ready for you. No doubt, everyone loves the painting contest of this event.

Miniatures Area
Picture: Miniatures Area

Learn & Play

Modern board games are not easy to play. But loving all these games is not a crime. Here is the chance for the fans to learn how to play.

YouTube and podcast personalities are here to make you master your favorite board game. So, nothing can stop you from playing the game for the full session. 

Kids Day

Pax unplugged is not only for the older. It’s a place for the kids as well. They highlight different contests for the kids and families as well. Even authority offers discount badges. From 6 to 12-year-old kids, discounts are always ready to earn.

Classic Cardboard

The Cardboard Games of the ’90s are back. This event has some great news for the fans. To make everyone nostalgic, they’ve covered every classic game for the family. Fans also love its olds CCG that is really hard to remember.

The Workshop

Learning techniques make a person expert. Fans have the chance to learn hands-on techniques in this event. After crafting techniques, anyone can level up their skills easily. If you are into gaming as a hobby, then try this segment.

AFK Room

Are you tired of exploring all the events of the show? Needs a break to regain strength? Don’t worry, the AFK room is here to make you free from all tiredness. This is the place where you can relax.

First Look

Fans love to be a witness to games that are about to release. They have a chance to learn them, play, and buy. The developers revealed all of these games for the fans. Some of these games may not be easy to get. But fans get a golden chance to get all of them under a single roof.


No one needs to break down in tears to play games as they wish. Pax Unplugged offers what the fans need most from the gaming industry and history. Every fan of PAX makes their plan to get an entrance to the show to get unlimited fun.

Without any doubt, fans come and enjoy different segments in a single place. Everything is free for the fan. If you have mode, then participate in a tournament or play some random games.

Nothing can stop you from enjoying your own time as you wish. So don’t miss the convention. It’s getting more exciting day by day.

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