10 Most Read Articles In The History of Pokemon Go Hub

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Pokemon Go Hub created when Pokémon go makes a noise in the game industry. With the unique idea of playing games, Pokémon Go brings a whole new level of experience. But there are lots of things yet to know to explore the Pokémon world.

The developers made it an augmented reality mobile game. That’s why every time players discover many things and techniques of this game.

Hub was created to help the player by delivering news, tips, and leaks. Any Pokémon go lover can visit the hub to know what’s going on about this AR-based game. Lots of articles about it are waiting for you. Not all of them may you like. I made a shortlist of the most read articles about it.

Pokémon Go
Picture: Pokémon Go

How Pokemon Go Hub Become The Most Desired Community For Pokémon Go Players?

Augmented reality makes our life more realistic in a virtual world. As a result, we can play games as we always wanted. Pokémon Go is one of the best-augmented reality games that create a huge fan base. That’s the reason the Pokemon go hub created.

A player of Pokémon Go always wants to be updated with every news, tip, and leaks. This Hub has everything that a player needs.

There are guidelines and information about upcoming events, news, raids, PVP league, database, and many more. The good news is lots of articles written with different information related to Pokémon Go.

Some of them are the most read articles that help the player a lot. To know more about these articles, we tried to explain some of them below.

Pokémon Go Attack Rankings
Pokémon Go Attack Rankings

We play this game with different characters. But all these characters (Pokémon) don’t have the same level of power to attack and win chances.

This article is all about making a chart that has rankings for Pokémon’s. Reviewing this chart will help a player to get the best Pokémon for the gym battle.

To make a choice to pick the best Pokémon based on the attack ranking this chart helps a lot. You’ll find information about the move combo of Pokémon. The good news is it’s an updated chart. So, no chances to be misguided.

Picture: Pokémon

Pokémon Go Appraisal Chart

This article is also most read because a player can know all the team leader messages. Here, the chart will display what the message shows.

Pokémon GO gaming sessions related to different team leader messages. It will help to select your team wisely. A player can understand why IV values are important. Getting good IVs will be fantastic for you.

From the analysis, this chart was made that shows different parameters. All these parameters are overall stat analysis, individual stat analysis, and Pokémon size.

IV values were given based on three criteria. One is team mystic appraisal analysis, the second one is team instinct appraisal analysis and the last one is team valor appraisal analysis.

Get Different Team Leader Message
Picture: Get Different Team Leader Message

Pokémon GO Best Spawn Times

Do you know how Pokémon are located worldwide? A database is showing that 50000 Pokémon are there. A third-party app found this astonishing data and made this database. This article is all about to show you a data mining report. That’s how you can know Pokémon species.

Spawn Times
Picture: Spawn Times

Pokémon GO “I am not a robot”

Pokémon Go added some safety features. From this article, it’s easy to know about it. This article is only found in the Pokémon Go Hub. The journey of such safety features started in August of 2016.

To stop any other third-party apps Pokémon Go added a captcha mechanism. When the text “I am not a robot” is shown to you that means there is something that happened.

Maybe it’s happening because the GPS connection is lost, detecting unusual player action, involving too many Pokémon, or your account is not verified.

I’m not a robot
Picture: I’m not a robot

Max CP Chart for All Pokémon Generations

This article is all about highlight players of all generations but how? Here is the chart where the CP of different players of a different generation is given. It’s not complicated to get such a chart in this Hub. It was very easy to calculate such CP.

Up to date Pokémon of every generation are included in this chard. To write this article, the official Pokémon Go max CP formula was used and we found a fantastic chart of Max CP.

Picture: Get max CP chart
Picture: Get max CP chart

Pokémon GO Helps People With Mental Health Issue

People can know how and why the Pokémon Go AR-based game becomes popular and it helps to heal mental health.  Pokémon is a few of these games that support our mentality.

After playing this game, many players noticed their mental health improvements. This article provides all the information related to it. Yes, it minimizes depression, fears, and autism.

All the highlighted improvements are good for the player. This game helps a player to be more social. It’s one kind of mental exercise.

Pokémon Go is obviously great for the outing. Most of the time, outing helps to catch Pokémon. To meet new Pokémon and people,  every player of this game is excited.

Improve your mental health issue with Pokémon Go
Improve your mental health issue with Pokémon Go

In this hub, especially in the article section, there is a more informative article. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon ROM Leak: The soundtrack (OST) is beautiful!
  • Pokémon Go Tracking is disabled for legal reasons – the only reasonable explanation
  • Niantic’s first Pokémon Go event is a smash hit!
  • About Niantic and third-party trackers

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The concept of the Pokémon Game is unique. This is the reason we love to play this game and discover new Pokémon all the time.

As the game comes with a bigger platform, more news, guidelines become essential. Understanding the necessity, a community was built.

The Pokemon Go Hub is that platform where we can know what is going on about Pokémon Go. There is news about events, CP charts, tips, tactics, and many more.

This is the platform a player always looking forward to finding a way to explore more about the game.

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