5 Essential Productivity Apps for Working Mums

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Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone and it is finally time to put it to good use, well if you have one. You may be asking, but where to start? Luckily for you, there are plenty of productivity apps that can help you kick start your productivity and bring it to the next level. Whether you want to get things done more quickly, never miss your meeting or simply free up some time so you can relax – there is an app for you.

Running and managing a household can sometimes be really challenging. This is especially true when in addition to that, you have to juggle between appointments, meetings, deadlines or any other business related tasks.

Not to mention kids and their desires or extracurricular activities. You will agree that being a working mom can be exhausting from time to time. In order to accomplish everything, you will definitely need to have a rock solid organizational system.

Image to Word Converter

This app can end up saving you a lot of time at some point. When you want to digitize or reuse your paper documents, instead of retyping them on your computer we recommend using this app.

With it, you can easily convert all kind of documents like contracts, invoices, recipes or notes to editable Microsoft Word format. The app uses top of the line OCR engine so the best possible conversion is expected.

There is even a built-in document scanner with options to crop and rotate the image. Files can be converted directly from your mobile device, from Gmail attachments or supported cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more.


This app is more than just a note-taking app. It has plenty of features that will make your life easier by helping you get and stay organized. Besides just taking notes you can also add to-do lists, photos, web pages, audio files and so on to your notes. Moms also like to use Evernote to store their children’s drawings and make them organized and accessible wherever they are.

You can basically store in Evernote everything you want to keep, like your thoughts, writing projects, confirmation numbers for bills, meeting notes etc. The app has a tagging feature but you can also use search function as well. It’s important to mention that the app keeps everything in the cloud so all your notes will be accessible on any device that has Evernote installed on it. 

Timyo Email

Many people believe that happiness starts when you are in control of your own time. This app does exactly that, well at least when it comes to your email game. Simply said, it lets you indicate to the recipient of your email when do you expect to receive a response from them (ASAP, today or some time in the future) and it also lets you organize your emails by the times you are planning to reply to them.

This is great since your inbox will be organized by the emails you really need to get to and the app will also send you reminders when your reply is overdue or pending. This way you will never forget to reply to important emails and will also filter out unimportant ones. The app works with Gmail, Exchange, Office365, Outlook.com, iCloud, Yahoo and IMAP providers.


Keeping track of your household finances can be time-consuming and exhausting. Unfortunately, this is something that shouldn’t be delegated to a third party like your child or neighbor.

By using the Mint app you will have a piece of mind since it will become your personal budget tracker and money manager. Mint will keep all your investments, accounts and cards in one place enabling you to track your spendings, create budgets, receive bill reminders and get customized money saving tips.

The app will even tell you your credit score (no credit card required) and you will also get tips and learn how it is calculated.


At the end of the day, most of us are asking ourselves where all of our time went. It seems like we didn’t manage to do as much as we planned to and the day has already passed. This app allows you to keep track of how your time is spent so that could never happen again.

You can track your time in 14 different categories like transport, work, housework etc. The app will even organize everything into daily weekly and monthly statistics how you would be able to optimize your time usage.

When we talk about staying on top of the things, it really all comes down on how well we organize our life.

These apps will definitely help you with that and by using them your productivity will most certainly improve over time. We would like to hear from you so please let us know in the comments about the productivity apps you can’t live without.

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