Why Should You Keep Around RCA Cables?

By Marjia Ahmed 9 Min Read

Do you remember RCA Cables? This most popular way to connect your audio and video output devices. Sometimes it becomes fun to connect these cables.

Yes, it’s not rocket science to learn but why does it come in three different colors with round connectors? This cable is used to carry the audio and video signal from sources to output devices.

It comes a long way and still serves as well as it did from the beginning. It’s from the 50s but is still popular for hassle-free connection. We would like to share a little more information about RCA Cable.

What Are RCA cables?

I hope you are familiar with RCA cable. RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America. Even this cable is known as an A/V jack or Phono connector as well.

As one of the oldest connectors, this cable has ruled the industry since 1940. Since we have some new and modern RCA cables with slightly different designs.

This is a popular cable for audio and video devices that comes with a rounded corner but its special attraction was its color.

Three different points have three different colors: red, yellow, and white or black. These three colored plugs are used to connect TV, projector, and different output devices and work as a carrier for providing audio/ video (AV) signals. 

Picture: RCA Cable
Picture: RCA Cable

Technical Explanation of RCA Cable:

Most people don’t know the exact function of this cable. It is used as a connector. Do you remember the name Phono connector? This name was given only for its function.

Originally, it was used as an internal connector to pick up the framework of home radio-phonograph consoles. Still in confusion? Hold on!

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This low-cost connector is used for connecting with different consoles like TV, audio devices, etc. All the points are designed in the same way but it has two plugs.

One is male and another one is female. Look at the center pin. It’s a male and a female band surrounding the pin. Just push the jack into the socket and the connection is established.

RCA cable has three colors these are Yellow, red, and white or black. Here Yellow is for video signals, red is for right channel audio and white or black is for left channel audio. See, the mechanism is simple.

Does RCA Cable Make Differences?

Upgrading the cable or using quality cable always makes some difference in performance. Following the theme, RCA is not exceptional.

RCA cable does the same thing and offers the same quality performance but the premium one does far better.

Still, the performance of the RCA cable depends on the setup as well. Experts can do their best in this case. As a normal person, you hardly notice the difference but a professional or trained ear can differentiate the quality.

However, RCA connectors are available from $10 to $1000. So, it’s obvious that there are lots of differences you can get from these cables, especially for a good sound system.

How To Use RCA Cables?

The use of RCA cable is simple, even for the beginner. This is a handful of accessories and relevant for different uses. As the times fly, another cable called HDMI is doing the same thing as the RCA. But the application of RCA is not going to fade.

Most people use it to connect speakers, stereos, TV, projectors, etc. On top of that, some high-end cameras still need an RCA cable.

RCA cable carries all the signals that enter or leave the camcorder. For the camcorder, RCA cable work as audio and two video channels. RCA cable is necessary to get a great effect.

It only happens when RCA carries high-quality audio and video signals. On the other hand, in some situations, an RCA cable is used for transmitting non-digital signals.

You might notice that this cable doesn’t directly use any component of the computer. Because of non-digital signals, the RCA cable is not suitable for these devices or any other digital devices.

Picture: RCA cable comes in yellow, red, and white
Picture: RCA cable comes in yellow, red, and white

How Many Types of RCA Cables Available?

Knowing about the different types of RCA cable lets you use them in the best way. That’s why it’s necessary to understand them. To connect devices, this cable plays a vital role. Mostly there are two types of RCA cable available. These are:

The composite video RCA Cable

This type is used for transmitting non-digital signals like transmitting video. To transmit all the information (video related), this cable only uses one signal.

The Component RCA Cable

It comes with different video lines like blue, green, and red. Additionally, this type is used for the audio line as well.

Different colors are for the identification of the purpose. This type is a superior one that is also compatible with HD TV!

Pictured: Use an RCA cable to connect HD TV
Pictured: Use an RCA cable to connect HD TV

What Are The Factors To Justify For The Quality of RCA Cables?

Four factors are directly influencing RCA cable which indicates the quality as well. Let’s have a glance at them.


RCA cables come in gold, silver, or copper where gold is the most expensive one. Expensive because they are better than the other two connectors. It can prevent oxidation.

For the best electrical conductivity, silver connections are best. On the other hand, copper is a bit closer and works the same way as gold.

RCA cable (Gold)
Picture: RCA cable (Gold)

Length of the cable

For the signal quality, the length of the cable has a negative effect. Don’t buy too short or too long cable. Pick one, that is exactly as long as you need.


Well-shielded cable ensures a better signal. On the other hand, robust shielding lacks such a facility.

End of the cable

It will be a wise decision if the other end of the cable matches the material used with the connector. Sometimes it creates problems like electrolytic reactions if the material doesn’t match.

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In both our homes and office, we always found some use for RCA cables. This vital cable is surprisingly important to connect devices easily.

This ’50s cable is still very much efficient and gives tough competition to modern cable connectors. Still, lots of people believe RCA cable does the same thing as HDMI does.

If you know the exact use of RCA cable, then you’ll realize the differences between them. Look behind your audio device or TV connector, you’ll still find RCA connectors.

Honestly, RCA cable is never going to break your bank. So, you don’t need to buy expensive cable when there is an RCA cable.

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