7 Things You’ll Learn By Reading Something In the Water

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Psychological thrillers always keep us thrilled all the time as ‘Something in the Water’ does. This novel comes as a page-turning ride for use. It has everything you expect as a thriller lover.

With a wry voice, exquisite pacing, plot that twists in the point, and most importantly, all the characters, this novel has an unbearably tense debut.

From the very first sentence, it draws the attention of the reader. The story makes the reader uncomfortable all the time while they look for the answer to different questions.

Reading is not the last thing to enjoy this novel. There is more to discover. Let’s see what we can find from it.

Something In The Water: A Page-Turner Novel By Catherine Steadman

Catherine Steadman, the writer of ‘Something in the Water’ is an actress. This is her debut novel, but she did her best to draw the reader’s attention. As a result, this psychological thriller novel becomes a New York Times bestseller.

Following the success, it was published in 13 countries. This novel tells the story of a picture-perfect couple. But their lives changed after a shocking discovery. They are on a honeymoon in paradise.

From the beginning, this novel opens its chapter with a bang. Digging a grave is the key point that starts with a woman. She was secretly searching for the answer to do it. Interested to know more about it?  If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

Something In The Water: A Page-Turner Novel By Catherine Steadman
Picture: Cover of Something In The Water Book

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The Plot of The Novel

Erin (Documentary filmmaker) and Mark (Investment banker) are passionately in love. They are on their honeymoon.

During scuba diving on the tropical island of Bora Bora, they find something in the water! What is it? Their dream honeymoon turned into a nightmare after the shocking discovery.

They are confused about what they should do, tell everyone, or keep it secret. Their decision turns the story more dramatic and dangerous which leads to a devastating chain of events.

7 Things You'll Learn By Reading Something In the Water
Picture: Something In The Water

Things You’ll Know From This Novel

The novel is not just a book to read, there are many questionable mysteries that yet to discover. ‘Something in the Water’ is just like that. A bunch of things you can know about it. Let’s discuss it below.

  1. When a novel starts with a striking sentence that means there is more excitement waiting for us. At the beginning of this novel,  a character (Erin) digs a grave. It let us to the flesh back, why it’s happening right now. To describe the actual event, it was important. This method works best to enter the deep of the story. That’s how the opening hooks everyone with the novel.
  1. As a documentary filmmaker Erin has a complex relationship with Eddie. She always keeps in touch with incarcerated people. After some time, a known criminal becomes her friend. But the question is why Erin made a criminal as a friend. This complex situation is related to the different events in the novel.
  1. Every time Erin plays a questionable role. Because all of her decisions are questionable and not clear. Throughout the novel, we discovered it. Erin wants to secure the future. The future for her and Mark. Readers get confused about Erin. What do they do with this character? Sympathize or criticize? Because of all these questionable decisions, Erin makes herself a suspicious and untrustworthy narrator of the novel.
  2. What about the writer? Catherine Steadman is not a professional writer. She is an actress! Amazingly, some part of this popular novel she wrote on the set. One thing we can say, her writing style wasn’t influenced by the situation. Even the structure of the novel is beautifully arranged and synchronized. We’ve got a new writing style from this fresh writer.
7 Things You'll Learn By Reading Something In the Water
Picture: Catherine Steadman
  1. There is a point, where Mark and Erin’s relationship changed. It happened after their discovery. When they are scuba diving and discover what they shouldn’t, the situation turns dramatically into a mystery. Both of them are struggling to hide the secret and they are doing it well. But this struggle makes some question. They still love each other or something fishy going on.
  1. Did you notice that, at some point, few characters are influenced by greed? Money becomes a factor to divert decisions. We’ve witnessed, few decisions of Erin and Mark’s becoming liberal. It forced people apart one from another. That’s why there is a clear different portion of extremely wealthy and middle-class people. Sometimes it’s for survival and sometimes it’s for becoming more powerful.
  2. Erin doesn’t much tell about her family. As a narrator, all the time we found she is comfortable telling about Mark and her documentary subject. Did you ever make a question about Erin’s family? Why do they get little page time in this novel? Questions are a lot but the answer is few.

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What Are People Saying About It?

There are lots of appreciations about this psychological thriller novel. Readers quote about it differently. It’s true, many men have many minds. That’s why their appreciation is different.

One said, he enjoyed the style of writing rather than the story. Most of them call this novel a page-turner. It’s not disappointing at all for thriller lovers. They especially love the beginning.

Because of the writing style, it becomes easier to read and understand. Most importantly the plot was dragging the reader into the deep. Even the ending is also good as the beginning is.


In 2018, ‘Something in the Water’ knocked everyone’s mind. On every page, the story was wrapping the reader’s mind to the plot. This twisty-suspense novel is for every thriller lover and they’ve enjoyed it very much.

Without any hesitation, the reader will stay-up-late to read this novel completely. This is the hype that Catherine Steadman has created through this novel. We found how innocent circumstances turned into a plot of crime.

The dilemma of making a decision also makes us excited to know what will happen next. This is the trigger point where the novel becomes successful and clear its intention. If you still haven’t gotten this novel, then why are you waiting for?

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