The Adult Industry Embrace Wearable Technology

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According to research, the global sexual wellness industry is worth more than $30 billion, a figure estimated to hit $35.5 billion by 2023. And while the numbers might seem just right, considering the industry has been on a steady rise over the last few years, the revolution of wearable technology has been insane. Products stashed in corners of sex toy stores are now making their way onto CVS and Walmart shelves. Manufacturers have also flipped the switch and are looking to go beyond the regular stimulating devices with plans to gamify sexual health and have fun while at it.

So, here are some of the common wearable techs:

      I. Wearable Public Vibrators

Like any other adult toy, wearable public vibrators are available in different sizes and colors to meet the ever-changing global sex tech market’s needs. They are perfect for hands-free solo sessions and couples looking to enjoy discreet public play. The wearable toys’ small yet functional design makes them an ideal choice for many enthusiasts. What’s more, there isn’t much dynamic when buying one, just make sure your choice is quiet. You don’t want to be the one walking around with a buzzy sex toy in public. Do you?

As stressed before, wearable public vibrators are available in different types, allowing you to pick what meets your specific needs. For instance, some offer G-spot stimulation while others offer clitoral massage or both. Some models also come with extra bells and whistles like mobile app control, long-distance interactivity, and multiple vibration modes. So, choose a wearable vibrator that meets your preference.

    II. Female Sexual Enhancement Sex Toys

Although they’re not as common as they should, female sexual enhancement toys are essential, especially for women who mentally desire to have sex but have trouble getting their bodies up to speed. Yes. It happens. For instance, Nuelle’s Fiera is a wearable sex tech that helps to boost your libido. It allows you to focus on arousal by increasing blood flow to your clitoris.

And like the rest of the wearable sex tech toys, you don’t need much to get things started. Fiera comes with a suction base that easily and firmly attaches the toy to your clitoris. Now here comes the good part. You only need to wear it five to fifteen minutes before you want to have sex. It gradually draws blood to your clitoris, thus swelling the bulbs and crura that contain the erectile tissue, successfully getting you in the mood.

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  III. Erectile Dysfunction Sex Tech

With 11% of men in their 30s experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it’s hard to comprehend why there aren’t more ED sex tech on the market. Morari, a company at CES 2020, exhibited a prototype of a wearable transdermal-based patch meant to fix premature ejaculation. It’s worn between your anus and testicles to reduce the sensation to your penis during sex. This way, you can enjoy a wide variety of sexy fun with your partner without worrying about ‘arriving’ a little too early.

SexFit is another wearable sex tech in development to help men with erectile dysfunction concerns. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-equipped device works like a pedometer to help you achieve and maintain stronger erections. What’s more, it tracks your sexual performance to help you fix existing problems and develop new ways to keep your significant other happy.

In conclusion, wearable technology is in full throttle and not going away anytime soon. The best thing about it is the sex tech is more than simple stimulating devices; they’re designed to improve your sexual health and well-being. Whether you want to get your body up to speed, remedy ED, or enjoy discreet public play, there’s something for everyone.

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