Why You Absolutely Have To Read Woman In The Window Book Before Watching The Movie

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Are you ready to read “The Woman in the Window”? The newest mystery-thriller that opens the reader’s mind in unique ways. People love to see such a mind-bending thriller on the big screen. This one got the grip to offer such an experience.

As a well-written book, it deserves better screen time. The movie comes as a surprise to us with the storytelling method. It reveals the secrets between families and the people we love like friends. We’ve got everything in this movie.

Finding out the truth between lies becomes more interesting because of this movie. But books claim more details than the movie.

Let’s see why we must read the book before starting to watch the movie.

Woman In The Window
Picture: A. J. Finn

Why The Woman In The Window Is The Most Anticipated Thriller Movie In American Movie History?

It has become a trend to make movies based on popular novels. “The woman in the window” is one of these. Everyone loves to watch a movie with a story of a darker twist. It was taken not only for the darker twist but also for better suspense.

American psychological thriller movie comes with some best sides. Joe Wright, director of this movie did his job to reflect what he wanted to through this movie.

But the movie doesn’t have everything you need that you found in the novel. That’s why you should read the book first.

Why You Absolutely Have To Read Woman In The Window Book Before Watching The Movie
Picture: The Woman In The Window Movie Poster

The Mind-Bending Plot

Want to feel something terrifying. Let’s know about an agoraphobic woman. It’s hard to understand what’s going on. What’s happening in a neighboring house?

The story starts with a woman named Anna Fox. She lives alone who’s always anxious about the situation. In her New York City home, she doesn’t have the ability to venture outside.

Passing days watching old movies, drinking wine becomes regular routine work. Recalling happier times also gives her more joy. But the main job she does is spying on her neighbors.

Across the way, a family moved into the house. Simple and perfect family with a father, a mother, and a teenage son. One day Anna witnesses something that she shouldn’t. From that night, her world crumbles after discovering a shocking secret.

Book The Woman In The Window by A.J Finn
Picture: The Woman In The Window

After that, lots of questions arise. Everything becomes a puzzle to find out what is real and what is not. Someone in danger and someone in control. So, all these questions make this novel one of the best diabolically gripping thrillers.

It’s not true what you are seeing. No one and nothing is clear. Every move of the character is ingenious and powerful. It makes the situation twisty. This sophisticated novel with suspense helps to remember Hitchcock one more time.

Characters Who’s Got the Grip of the Story

Here is the breakdown of the character of this psychological thriller.

  • Anna Fox (The narrator)
  • Ed Fox (Anna’s husband)
  • Olivia Fox (Anna’s daughter)
  • Ethan Russell (Teenage son and Anna’s friends)
  • Jane Russell (Mysterious woman)
  • Alistair Russell (The killer)
  • Dr. Julian Fielding (Anna’s therapist)

Reading Experience That Absent In The Movie

From the beginning, the story seems slow-paced. Maybe the reader thinks to quit reading because of it. After some time, the reader will feel how deep the story is going. The dragging point lies in chapter 24.

The start was brilliant and became a page-turner novel. Everything was going to clear and standing on a point. Completing chapters, especially the last few, was the best. At that moment, a reader of this novel understands why the starting was slow and crucial.

The Book Cover And The Title

This is a beautiful book defined by both story and cover. Most of the readers love this book because of its cover. The cover was so related to the story and the title. Even it engages the reader with the synopsis.

What About The Narrator?

Every book has the best part that touches the reader’s mind. Readers accept that the narrator becomes crucial and one of the best parts of this novel. It makes no sense but makes it become more attractive when Anna plays the role of narrator.

Despite she is agoraphobic that makes it unreliable to the reader but attractive. At some point, the reader can understand something is happening that Anna is saying.

There is a trust issue for the reader. All we imagine, what Anna feels, think, and how she acts. As a 1st person POV, this thriller goes on into the deep with Anna.

Another fact that makes us confused about what Anna says is other unreliable characters. There are too many of them. But everything seems like a roller coaster of emotions. So, this method of using Anna as a narrator makes this novel more perfect for thriller lovers. That you could miss in the movie.

Why You Absolutely Have To Read Woman In The Window Book Before Watching The Movie
Picture: Amy Adams in The Woman In The Window Movie

Why Do Readers Struggle With The Book?

A book always gives you a fresh environment to enjoy the plot of the novel. But a movie doesn’t make the plot too complicated. Directors always want to say everything with limited screen time and make the story simple as much as they can.

This novel gives you some challenge when you read it. But the movie doesn’t offer such things. That’s why you’ve to finish the book first before you start to watch the movie.

What About Plot Twist?

Feeling the plot twisting moment of the book is far better than the movie. It cannot reflect and match with the world of our imagination. Sometimes we feel frustrated with the movie version. The actual plot is soo creepy but that’s hard to show on the screen.

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Thrillers always give us exciting and horrible feelings. “The Woman in the Window” is also written for such a purpose. Every character, storytelling method makes an atmosphere in the world of the mind.

After reaching the end of this novel, the truth revealed that it was lying under the shelf. All of the unexpected twists help to read this novel eagerly.

This psychological thriller is now on the screen. Can it fulfill the expectations of the reader of this novel? Time will judge everything. To feel the real excitement, there is no best option without reading the novel. So, keep enjoying every detail from the book. Later, you should watch the movie.

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