YouConnect: The Best Recruitment Firm For Legal And HR Profile

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

To make your future in an organization that supports legal and HR profiles, YouConnect is the easiest way. There are lots of recruitment firms out there but only a few of them are best to connect with people.

This firm knows how people feel about their dream job. The way they love the job, this firm just provides the proper guideline. They believe in offering their services and potential for significant contribution.

It’s not only for the organization but also for society. That’s how this firm is building relationships with both individuals and organizations. Let’s know about this firm as well as their team.

Picture: YouConnect
Picture: YouConnect

What is YouConnect?

As a requirement firm, hundreds of independent origination work all over the world. In this run, YouConnect is a mentionable name. It’s an independent Belgian recruitment firm founded in 2013.

For both interim and permanent management positions, this firm worked hard. They are specialized in different activities followed by the Legal and HR profile. It also focused on connecting people with the job.

Once the contract is signed, they love to push both individuals and organizations to continue the relationship. This is the best positive side that helps to shape a career that is good for everyone.

To build the future, and create a positive impact, they always welcome people.

Picture: Homepage of YouConnect's website
Picture: Homepage of YouConnect’s website

Picture: Homepage of YouConnect’s website

Organizational Details about YouConnect:

Here is some key information about this requirement firm below.

IndustriesStaffing and Recruiting
Company Size11-50 employees
HeadquartersBrussels, Brussels Region
SpecialtiesInterim Management, Search and Selection, Recruitment, Legal Services, Staffing, Legal Professionals, Legal Interim Management, Legal, Interim, Jobs, Legal Jobs, Legal Interim, Freelance Legal, Freelance, HR, Human Resources, HR Interim, HR Professionals, Freelance HR, and HR interim management
Locations (Primary)Congresstraat 35 Brussels, Brussels Region 1000, BE   Artsen Zonder Grenzenstraat 31 Antwerp, Flemish Region 2018, BE   Nederkouter 124 Ghent, Flemish Region 9000, BE

What Are The Core Values?

Like other recruitment firms, this one also has a vision and mission based on its values. Such values let them build long-lasting and mutually fulfilling connections.

The team knows all these values will guide them to success. So, what are the crucial ingredients of their values? Let’s find out from below.


They ask for lots of details, including personal information. It provides positivity for both the candidates and clients as well.

Sharing things means signing the contract with the trust that lets everyone know about the strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions as well.


Understanding people’s feelings and the necessity of the organization is another good side of this recruitment firm.

For the potential life-changing theory, and to make the family happy, everyone needs to feel the emotions even when it is for the job.


To make the connection more stable, the recruitment process must be smooth. This sustainability is good for longevity. Even it gives a better result after the contract is signed.


This firm is doing business for growth. They believe in making connections with people and building relationships. By adding value for both parties, every activity got a meaning and finally, they spread their wings even further.

Picture: Values help a recruitment firm to grow
Picture: Values help a recruitment firm to grow

What Are The Key Services of YouConnect?

As a recruitment firm, this one offers different services to the individual as well as for the organization. All of these services are related to legal and HR profiles. Here is their key services are given below:

They love their job so much when they’ve got appreciation from the legal professionals. Not all of them, only all those people who got their job through YouConnect and saying about it in glowing terms.

All of them, especially the manager of related concerns, are very much pleased. This firm shares values and offers the best candidate especially when other organizations are looking to hire permanent legal talent.

It’s true not all relationships go well and last forever but this firm believes in ensuring the best skills, experience as well as the ability to give the best shot in a company.

It doesn’t matter, this service is for a short period or longer period of time and this is very much true about the legal professionals.

Recruitment & Selection of HR Profiles

It is good to hear when the hiring manager, as well as the HR professionals talking about the job and YouConnect was the way. This firm takes a journey with the organizations and the individuals that guide everyone to success.

Picture: Professionals share their positives about recruitment firms.
Picture: Professionals share their positives about recruitment firms.

HR Interim Management

Now there are lots of fundamental changes in the workplace as well as in the company’s overall status. Following the trend, they need to change the HR strategy and this is the point where YouConnect is focusing. Yes, they are now good at deploying HR interim managers and professionals.

What About Their Team?

Undoubtedly, this recruitment firm has great management and that was possible for the energetic and excellent team members. Let’s meet the team.

  • IIse Tack (Founder and Managing Partner)
  • Birgit De Smedt (Partner)
  • Marie Van Volcem (Recruitment Consultant)
  • Stephanie Verhaegen (Legal Recruitment Consultant)
  • Kathleen Peirsman (Recruitment Consultant)
  • Paulien Stuer (Recruitment Consultant)
  • Diether Vandenbussche (Recruitment Consultant)
  • Valerie Audoore (Recruitment Consultant)
  • Clara Creve (Legal Talent Researcher)
  • Fien Stepman (Recruitment Consultant)
  • Sylvie Gerlo (Analysis of the Financial risk)
  • Sharon De Regge (Management Assistant)
  • Lennart Coryn (Project Manager)
  • Kim De Witte (Personal Assistant)
  • Merve Baydu (Talent Researcher)


There is no chance to get worried about the job, especially when you have a better legal and HR profile. So, the middleman cannot take scope over other equipment firms.

In this long run in the field, YouConnect is the only name that specializes in such types of service. We always get better ratings as well as feedback for this recruitment firm. They believe in building relationships between individuals and firms.

They don’t let anyone fail when all is in their hands. They have ethics and visions that guide them to succeed where people need something related based on Legal and HR profiles.

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