7 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Brain Music

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As a music lover, few people are unknown to Big Brain music. You heard right, some young, energetic, and passionate people made us crazy by offering their dream to us through music.

First of all, people are surprised after listening to them. The tone and the softness of their voice make goosebumps. Not from Europe or not from the Middle East, this fantastic group is from South Korea. With their breathtaking love for music, they guide them to come into the limelight.

Let’s see what more we can find out about this popular South-Korean R&B ballad group.

Big Brain Music: The Secret of R&B Ballad Group

who are behind big game?
Picture: Know About Big Brain

South Korea is the best in many things. Music is one of them. Big Brain is the biggest example of success in the music industry. As an R&B ballad group, Big Brain started their activities in 2010. As we think, not many members, just 4 young people build this group.

From that time, they started to play under the label of the world show market. But this was just a beginning for them. They knew it, what will be the right time for their debut. October 22, 2015, was the date when they started to make themselves officially public.

If you know Big Brain music, then you must know Billionaire Sound, their first album. We have a little to say about them. But let’s take a journey and know their history.

The Glorious History:

The list of big brain group members
Picture: Big Brain Group

Earlier, their debut album “Billionaire Sound” comes with lots of expectations. As a result, we got a breakthrough song named “Welcome”. This song makes them popular not only in South Korea but also worldwide. 

Their origin is from a city named Seoul in South Korea. They are best in different genres like R&B, K-pop, soul, and urban. Before they succeeded, they had an interesting history that you should know as a music lover.

Pre-debut History of Big Brain:

All the members of Big Brain are experts in vocal performance. Their confidence grew up and they decided to build a group after completing the study majoring in vocal performance. But most people don’t know that this group was known as “The Man”.

They continued their activities with this title until the official debut. After a few days, confusion arises from this name. Another senior group already had the name. Because of this similarity, Big Brain changes the name of their group and debut as Big Brain.

No doubt, how much they feel about their passion for music and singing.  Lots of people believe the music of Big Brain has the ability to heal. Such outstanding talent of Big Brain is hard to hide. That’s why people knew their names and got some recognition before their official debut.

Some people said that they are the next Brown Eyed Soul. But they got the hype when people started to compare them to Big Mama. They got the courage to arrange a concert. The people of South Korea got the chance to hear their magical voice live.

After their debut, nothing couldn’t stop them. As a result, we got the chance to hear them in New York City. In Times Square, Central Park, and a few different places in the USA especially in Manhattan, they’ve performed live.

Debut With Their Breakthrough Album:

Poster of Billionaire Sound
Picture: Poster of Billionaire Sound

2015 the history of the South Korean Music industry changed because of the Big Brain. On October 22, Big Brain released their first official album called “Billionaire Sound”. It’s also tagged as a mini-album.

The most attractive soundtrack of this album was “Welcome” which is also considered as a digital single. “Welcome” is not only the title track but also a great example of a perfect mix of the different music sections.

Yes, we are talking about its fresh tempo and Powerful R&B. This blend makes the track most emotional for everyone.

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The Story of “Welcome”:

As the most popular track from Billionaire Sound, “Welcome” tells us a story. A story of an honest man. It’s all about his ex-lover. He always wanted to be with her but she couldn’t.

But she has fallen in love with another person. The relationship was beautiful. Ultimately, this story touches everyone because it comes as a form of music. Title track “Welcome” is also popular because it stands for a different genre.

Things You Should Know About Big Brain:

Let’s know some untold secrets about the Big Brain that you might not know yet.

  • Lots of people think that the music of Big Brain can heal their souls.
  • They debuted in 2015 but started to act in 2010.
  • Big Brain does the music of different genres like Urban, K-Pop, Soul, R&B, etc.
  • “Welcome” was the biggest hit and it’s all about a story of an honest man.
  • Their first album “Billionaire Sound” is actually a mini-album.
  • Every member of this group studied in a major in vocal performance.
  • Big Brain is formally known as “The Man”.

After the success of their first mini-album, Big Brain starts to act openly. This is the golden chance to hear them live if you want. Their voice is just amazing to hear. Just need your ear to feel the tone. This is the only thing to fall in love with their voice.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Brain Music
Picture: Official YouTube Channel of Big Brain

On their official YouTube channel, you’ll get some of their best music videos and choose your favorite performance. This is the way to hear the real harmony of Big Brain.

Members of Big Brain:

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Brain Music
Picture: Big Brain Group Members

Only four people started the beautiful journey of music. Let’s know their name.


There is no doubt about my love for this South Korean vocal group. It’s good to introduce them all the time. People want more and more from them. After hearing Big Brain music, you won’t believe yourself about their vocals.

They can influence your body and mind through music along with their most powerful voice. Your jawline will drop after listening to their songs. At the end of the day, I have nothing much to say about the Big Brain.

This review will help you a lot to know more about them and their untold story. Because you couldn’t find much about this soul killer music group of South Korea.

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