3 Must-Read Books From The Praying Medic

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On this day, praying medic becomes an inspirational name to us. Writing to enlighten our souls is a blessed job and praying medic doing the same thing for us.

This paramedic believes in god miracles tremendously. Through his written book, he wants to keep us inspired and make a strong bond with our soul as well as with the one that is beyond everything.

We’ve got the chance to know more about it through different books written by the author (Praying medic). From which book we should start reading is a tough job.

So, we’re here to guide you to teach which one you should pick first. Keep reading, you’ll find the way.

Praying Medic: All About The Him and His Books

Few people come forward with books based on what they believe beyond everything. Praying Medic is a common and popular name among them. His perception of life was changed in 2008. This person is a paramedic and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

From 2009.  he started to write with the belief ‘his medical practice surely is god gifted and some miracle happens through it’. That’s how it intends to inspire people to know what he has witnessed. After reading his book, we’ll know about our inner souls and how to drive it in a positive direction.

As a result, this man wrote books on a variety of subjects. Healing, reamis, seeing, politics, anon, economics, everything are available from Praying medic.

praying medic
Picture: Praying Medic


It’s important to pick the first book of this author wisely. Picking the right one can create the base of your belief. The author wrote books on different subjects and criteria. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple
  2. Divine Healing Made Simple
  3. My Craziest Adventures With God
  4. Calm Before the Storm
  5. The Gates of Shiloh
  6. Operating in the Court of Angels
  7. God Speaks: Perspectives on hearing God’s Voice
  8. Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven
  9. Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple
  10. A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse
  11. American Sniper: Lesson in Spiritual Warfare
  12. Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps

Start reading with the right one first it’s important to understand the chain what he wants to say. But depending on your demand, the choice can vary. To make things easier, we’re going to tell you about the top 3 books of praying medic. Let’s see what the book says.

Seeing In The Spirit Made Simple

Seeing In The Spirit Made Simple by praying medic
Picture: Seeing In The Spirit Made Simple

Angels! A holy spirit from heaven. But what about the demons and heavenly realms? All of us wanted to see these things in our life. Not everyone comes with precious fate to be the witness of such things.

If you don’t have the gift, then you are in the right place to know how to get it. This book is all about training your soul and supernatural life. As a training manual, it’ll guide you to make yourself prepare. It’s simple and clear to understand.

To gain the ability to get access to the invisible spirit world, you can be the one among gifted people. So, pure instruction is a prerequisite to get the ability. Through it, we find such ways to develop the hidden truth of our soul.

All we need to do through prayer, training, and exercise. One day, the ability will be in your grip. Using this ability will be just a matter of time for you. This book ensures it through practical exercise. Anyone can reach the ultimate ceiling of the spiritual level to improve the vision.

Divine Healing Made Simple

3 Must-Read Books From The Praying Medic
Picture: Divine Healing Made Simple

This book is another manual instruction but this one is for supernatural life. This training manual is a street proven version. To do some miracle like releasing healing, this book got everything you need.

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No confusing concept is there to make the guideline complicated. For this purpose, a no-nonsense approach is there to confuse the reader. It’s the ultimate way to teach the technique with the straightforward guideline.

You can’t find a clear and simple way to understand supernatural life except this one. More things can be learned from this book. Prophetic ministry, raising the dead, making disciples, street evangelism, deliverance will be interesting things for you to learn.

There are different chapters. Based on healing in the workplace, health care, and many more. This author doesn’t avoid the question that other authors tried to. Those chapters answered why people don’t get healed and lose power. All of the answers to your question about healing is here in this book.

My Craziest Adventures With God – Volume 1

3 Must-Read Books From The Praying Medic
Picture: My Craziest Adventures With God – Volume 1

Losing hope for some reason is not the end of the world for people. It might happen by losing the job or being divorced. Even being kicked out from church is also a crucial point to make yourself guilty and hopeless.

To heal the sickness the author was trying to find and hear the voice of the god. Because he doesn’t have any patience for life. After he dreamed about it, the next morning wasn’t the same. These true stories are not related with any myth.

So, the author got a way to help others like him, especially non-Christians. This book helps to guide them to find the god in a different light with a different religion. It helps to establish the belief in the God who doesn’t have yet. It lets us speak through our dreams.


What do people say about all the books of Praying Medic? They appreciated what everything in this book was told. The manual to the path, every detail is reflecting the holy sense. Reading all these books guide a reader to a spiritual world.

Additionally, make them able to heal themselves from emotional pain. Life becomes more meaningful after reading these books. No doubt, it’s a great source of information.

To wake yourself spiritually, nothing best can happen in your life. But these books are here to ensure your gift to connect with every possible thing both physically and spiritually.

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