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Undergoing treatment in any country of the world is as easy as booking a hotel. At least, that’s what Ukrainian developers of Bookimed are saying. And not only them: 75,000 patients worldwide have already entrusted their health to the specialists of Bookimed.


Bookimed is an international project founded by Ukrainian startuppers Eugenii Kozlov and Eugenii Hotianov. The service helps people all over the world undergo treatment in any of 230 hospitals across 24 countries cooperating with Bookimed.

The goal is to find a reliable clinic or doctor for patients interested in medical tourism. And it can be pretty simple: all a patient needs to do is visit bookimed.com, choose an appropriate country, specialty or disease, and just leave a request. A Bookimed doctor-coordinator will contact the patient shortly, provide all the necessary information.

Today, Bookimed is a popular international project helping people worldwide, but three years earlier it was just a concept suddenly appeared in the mind of Ukrainian businessmen.

The idea came first

The history of Bookimed started in 2014 when Ukrainian businessmen Eugenii Kozlov and Eugenii Hotianov joined their efforts to create a helpful and easy-to-use service for searching hospitals and doctors worldwide.

Building connections with Turkish partners

The idea appeared when Eugenii Kozlov was undergoing a check-up in Israel. He realized organizing his medical trip could be much easier if this were done by professionals because doing it on his own, he faced difficulties while searching for a trusted specialist.

Inspired by books about the perfect service and corporate culture written by the founder of Zappos Tony Hsieh, the two men started bringing their idea into life.

Minimum time, minimum money

The project was put on at businessmen’s expenses, so it was necessary to get a maximal result involving minimal budget and sources.

“My working experience includes cooperation with many big e-commerce projects. So, I know not by hearsay what does a $1,000 logo, a $5,000 design, and a $20,000 website slicing mean… But this is not our story. The speed and low price were important for us”, CEO Eugenii Kozlov says.

In the beginning, the startup negotiated with investors, but the deal never got closed. “A client is the best investor. We developed paid packages for hospitals which gave us support at the start”, CEO comments.

Bookimed co-founders at St. Zdislava hospital

Bookimed in 2017: facts and figures

Bookimed works on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model. It is a widely-spread one among the best international hospitals accepting patients from all around the world. There are no hidden fees for Bookimed services; medical treatment is the only thing patients pay for. The startup provides people with net prices from clinics only.
Bookimed today is:
❖ 230 hospitals across 24 countries;
❖ 75,000 patients’ applications;
❖ 5,000 ready-to-help doctors;
❖ 3,000 customized treatment programs.

And they aren’t going to stop: the statistics is growing each day.

Bookimed team

Bookimed in 5 years

Every single achievement Bookimed has got so far only became possible thanks to hard work of the professional team and ambitious goals set. Bookimed founders have never limited themselves in the aspirations, and they promise to never stop thinking and planning ambitiously.

It took three years to get the world recognition and trust among patients. And this result gins up to new achievements, and it’s not only about increasing the income. Bookimed is about something more: real help, support and best solution for each patient.

Bookimed is aimed at becoming a global medical service, able to solve any problem of both patients and partners (world-known hospitals and medical centers). Bookimed team is planning to provide medical solutions for +10,000 patients monthly, open world medicine for Arabian patients and fortify confidence among present ones.

According to this, Bookimed will assist 190,000 patients in undergoing treatment, annually. And this Ukrainian startup has all chances to overtake its main competitors in the field of medical tourism.


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