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  Pharmaceutical Startups and Why They Matter

By Veronica Maria

Pharmaceutical startups are educating the consumer. These startups carry more quality products and prompt service. Startups like these focus on

Pros and Cons of Running a Small Startup Versus a Large Startup

By Veronica Maria

 It seems that there has been a significant rise in startups. However, many have seen that with all the hard

Women Empowerment at Today’s Startups

By Veronica Maria

As we go through this revolutionized tech age, more and more women are leading or working behind the scenes of

Comic Con Convention Catering to Young Startups

By Veronica Maria

Many can say that startups have disciplined the public on what it takes to promote us, the public on what

The Popularity of Food Tech Startups

By Veronica Maria

         Food-tech startups are all the rage these days. Supplying a proper food service that not only

Chinese Startup, Dseelab Lets You Project Holograms

By Akudo McGee

Most of us are old enough to at least remember the bulky projectors that used to be in the classroom,

Better Education: It’s all Fun and Games

By Akudo McGee

The startup scene is heating up in a place many readers may have given the cold shoulder, Poland. Poland's hospitable

Bounce Works Teaches Kids About Mental Health and Grief

By Angel Kristoff

Dealing with grief, anger, or sadness is a part of life. Everyone goes through hard times, but it can be

DeepMap: A Safer World for Drivers

By Erin Balserak

This new startup promises a new, safer future for autonomous vehicles and their riders.DeepMap is a startup founded in 2016

Want Leather? Love Cows? Biofabrication Saves the Day

By Akudo McGee

So you're a punk, fashionista, biker or some amalgamation of them all somehow. You likely have some hanging up in

HomeShare Makes City Apartments More Affordable

By Angel Kristoff

City-living is expensive. In places like San Francisco, rent can cost thousands of dollars a month, and not everyone’s got